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Perth is such a beautiful city that it seems a shame if you don't have suntan to go with it. Maybe your friends have a better tan than you do. Do you struggle to maintain your suntan during the winter months. A tanning coupon deal in Perth allows you to get a great sun tan without having to spend hours lying in the sun. Treat yourself to a beauty coupon with this great tanning offer. These Groupon coupons allow you to book yourself in for a Perth tanning session whenever you want. Maybe you want to top up your tan before an important date in Perth or a business event. Perhaps you work long hours or at night and don't have much time for tanning. Groupon coupons give great discounts on tanning in Perth and the flexibility to choose when you pamper yourself. Give a great value coupon for tanning to a friend and head out for a joint tanning session. Or use each coupon as a gift for members of your family. Use your Perth coupons before a wedding or at the weekends when you have plenty of spare time. This deal will save you huge amounts of money and allow you to work on your tan in Perth all year round. What about using coupons for tanning as an incentive for people in the office.
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  • Spray Tanning Session

    Spray Tanning - One ($12), Three ($35) or Five Sessions ($45) at Wangara Pharmacy Beauty Salon (Up to $150 Value)

    Deal ends: 11/01/2015 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Cryolipolysis Freeze Fat

    Cryolipolysis Fat Removal - One ($99), Two ($159), Three Treatments ($219) at White Light Therapies (Up to $1800 Value)

    Deal ends: 11/01/2015 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment

    $99 Keratin Smoothing Treatment, or $109 to Add Style Cut and Blow Dry at Urban Angels Hair & Beauty (Up to $445 Value)

    Deal ends: 04/01/2015 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Cut, Blow Dry and Head Massage

    $29 Style Cut, Blow Dry and Head Massage or $59 to Add Half Head of Foils at Headturners Salon (Up to $170 Value)

    Deal ends: 28/12/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Turn Heads: Hair Package + Foils

    $29 Cut and Style, $49 with Half Head or $69 with Full Head Foils at Simply Beautiful Hair & Beauty (Up to $283 Value)

    Deal ends: 11/01/2015 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Shiseido Hair Straightening

    $99 Shiseido Hair Straightening Treatment, or $119 with Wash, Cut & Blowdry at MINO Hair Salon, CBD (Up to $385 Value)

    Deal ends: 04/01/2015 | 16:59 Buy Details
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