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Coupon for a Persian dinner for two. Today's Groupon coupon deal is for a superb dinner for two in a Persian restaurant in Perth. Persian cuisine is exquisite and very subtle. It combines the flair of the Orient with the foods of the Occident - all in all a delightful combination of aromas, savours and tastes! Purchase these coupons and experience Persian cuisine in the city of Perth and enjoy terrific discounts on your meal. With these coupons for a Persian restaurant in Perth you can become familiar with the marvels of Persian cuisine. A typical meal in Perth will start off with appetizers that might include a delicious dish made of yogurt, cucumbers, onions and mint served with the traditional flat Persian bread. The main dish usually includes a selection of fresh vegetables and various kinds of meats all delicately spiced with saffron or a tasty stew served with rice and fresh herbs. Kebabs with yogurt sauce are also very popular. Take advantage of your coupons in Perth and indulge in a Persian dessert consisting of homemade ice cream flavoured with pistachios and rosewater, or a plate of exotic fruits, halva pastries and dried fruits accompanied by a cup of steaming hot chai tea. Whatever you decide to try, this Groupon coupon for a meal for two in Perth will give you excellent savings. Do not hesitate to purchase a coupon for this fantastic deal in Perth!
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  • Oui! French High Tea + Sparkling

    French-Inspired High Tea with Sparkling Wine for Two ($49) or Four People ($89) at La Monakella, CBD (Up to $180 Value)

    Deal ends: 11/01/2015 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • 8-Course Japanese Omakase

    Eight-Course Japanese Omakase for Two ($39) or Four People ($77) at Kome Restaurant, Subiaco (Up to $170 Value)

    Deal ends: 23/12/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Dining with Bottle of Wine

    Lunch or Dinner with Bottle of Wine for Two ($49) or Four People ($95) at Valley View Restaurant (Up to $232 Value)

    Deal ends: 13/02/2015 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • $12.50 HOYTS Movie Ticket

    $12.50 HOYTS Adult Movie Ticket, 400 Cinema Screens Nationwide ($20 Value)

    Deal ends: 11/01/2015 | 13:59 Buy Details
  • Pickering Brook: Cottage for 2

    Pickering Brook: $249 for an Eco Spa Lodge Cottage Stay for Two People with Sparkling Wine at Hidden Valley Eco Spa

    Deal ends: 11/01/2015 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Hamelin Bay: Three-Night Stay

    Hamelin Bay: From $189 for a Cabin Stay for Four People at Hamelin Bay Holiday Park

    Deal ends: 23/12/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
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