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Dry July: One Month of Sober Fun

BY: | 16 Aug 2016

Groupon has a great range of things to do when you're staying sober in July

Dry July encourages people to give up alcohol for one month in order to raise funds for cancer patients and their families. Things we take for granted when we’re healthy – accommodation, transportation, entertainment – can suddenly become daunting and fiscally burdensome. Cue Dry July.

While raising money for cancer is a good enough reason to take part, it’s also a good opportunity for participants to think about their drinking habits, and how alcohol might affect their health and well-being. Plus, not being hungover means more time enjoying brunch in the sun and less time trying to justify the minimum spend for Maccas home delivery.

If you’re worried about the toll a booze-free month might take on your social life, fret no longer. Here are five ways to keep from becoming a recluse while working towards the greater good.

1. Embrace your new healthy lifestyle 

An alcohol-free month is the perfect time to
shed a few kilos. No booze means less calories and less sugar going into your body – but be careful not to replace your usual glass of wine with a few pieces (or a whole block) of chocolate after dinner. Join a gym or try to fit in a few extra sessions if you already have a membership.

Those who usually burn calories by busting a move on the dancefloor could try a Latin dance class - why not look beyond salsa by signing up for tango or bachata dance lessons? And if you like something a little different try aerial fitness classes.

Top tip: Take advantage of hangover-free mornings by attending a weekend yoga class.

Groupon has a great range of things to do when you're staying sober in July

2. Stay home

A night spent at home doesn’t have to mean binge-watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black alone on the couch (although, there is nothing wrong with that). Instead, stock up on cheese and invite some friends around for a games night or movie marathon. As well as being a chance to party in your onesie, bringing the fun to you saves money on taxis and soda waters at the bar.

Top tip: Throw an alcohol-free dinner party and get your friends to bring along a plate of food.

3. Drink all of the mocktails

‘What could be better than a cocktail?’ I hear you ask. A cocktail that doesn’t give you a hangover, that’s what. In this writer’s opinion, not sipping on fruity drinks served in coconuts for the whole month of July would be a real missed opportunity. Some bars may not always offer a mocktail menu but they can usually whip something up if you ask nicely.

Top tip: Dine at a restaurant that offers fun non-alcoholic drink options.

Groupon has a great range of things to do when you're staying sober in July

4. Avoid temptation with a weekend getaway

If you find it hard to spend a night out with friends sans alcohol then it is best to take yourself out of the equation. Dry July-ers can escape to a sleepy beach town or cosy country retreat for a weekend with their significant other, or book accommodation big enough to house a group of booze-free friends.

Top tip: Head outdoors to keep active and healthy (and far from the bar) while you’re away.

5. Try something new

Dry July could be the perfect time to learn a new hobby - plus with extra change in your pocket you’ll be able to invest in that art class you’ve always dreamt about. Or why not try candle or chocolate making classes, or even take up forklift driving!

Top tip: Groupon has an awesome range of classes and lessons for everyone to get creative and have fun in July and throughout the whole year.