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How To Break The Long Weekend Drought

BY: | 16 Aug 2016

Groupon has lots of experiences to help you break the long weekend drought

Long weekends, like strong coffee and noise-cancelling earphones, are essential for a healthy office lifestyle. When long weekends roll around, city workers are free to flee the big smoke in search of R&R in sleepy towns. More than that, there is the sweet, sweet relief of not having to set your alarm on Sunday night.

Faced with a three-month long weekend drought in the middle of the year and five-day working weeks stretch as far as the eye can see, here is a range of measures, from discrete to drastic, to help you make it rain during this long weekend drought.

1. Day Trips

Cast your mind back to summer days spent in the car with your parents and siblings, travelling to a mystical faraway place that was actually only a water park about 45 minutes from your house. Good times, right? Day trips in your city are a great way to get that holiday hit without the commitment of staying somewhere overnight.

Sydney-siders have a whole new world sitting on the city fringes – offering everything from bushland to breathtaking beaches. Explore the great outdoors with a full day surfing experience or sandboarding to really get your heart pumping. For a more leisurely outing, head to the postcard-worthy Hunter Valley for a day of swilling, swishing, and spitting (we’re talking about wine, guys).

Melbournians can embrace the winter chill and explore Mt Buller while those in the Sunshine State can make the most of perennially sunny weather (and win major parent points) with a jam-packed theme park adventure.

Groupon has lots of experiences to help you break the long weekend drought

2. Staycation

Those looking for a holiday that involves waking up to a completely different ceiling can indulge in a staycation in their own city. Staycations offer people the chance to wear a bathrobe and raid a fridge that’s not their own without the hassle of actually going anywhere. Suburb-dwellers can live it up in the middle of the CBD, maybe catching dinner and a show before taking a leisurely stroll back to their digs. Parents can leave the kids for the weekend but stay close enough to rush home if something sets on fire.

3. Short trips

Two in three Australians live in a capital city, which leaves a gold field of small coastal and country towns yet to be mined by these urban dwellers. Tap into this particular pool of resources for a weekend jaunt at an oasis within easy driving distance.

For those who live in Sydney, Lake Macquarie is just a 90-minute drive north. Uncover a place that offers a plethora of things to do and see or use it as a base to explore quaint, nearby towns like Charlestown, Swansea, and Warners Bay. Or retreat into the country at Forster, about three hours away, in search of cosy fireplaces and priceless antiques.

Groupon has lots of experiences to help you break the long weekend drought

4. Quit your job

Make every weekend a long one and book a trip to Fiji, Bali, or anywhere.

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