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How To Do Halloween

BY: | 31 Oct 2016


At the spookiest time of the year, Halloween, there’s no shortage of haunting experiences, scary performances and creepy houses to explore. Whether you prefer discovering your city by broomstick or are content dishing out lollies and chocolates to trick or treaters, there’s something spook-tacular for everyone to do this October 31st and beyond.  

Creepy And Kooky Experiences

For the insatiable gaming aficionados tales of murder, torture and other foul deeds are brought to life in a virtual reality experience at Vr Adventure World – zoom past the bizarre world in an animated roller coaster while reclining in a 9D chair.

Have you ever imagined how scary it could be to be stuck in an unknown room and have to Sherlock your way out? Thrill your family and friends at Omescape with this modern day adventure or, if you’re too old for ‘trick or treat’ love the adrenaline rush, try Expedition Escape Rooms. Remember the clock is ticking!

Haunted Freak Shows

It would be a shame if this Halloween, you settle for a few ciders at home while listening to 'Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. Turn up the thrill volume as you immerse yourself in a spectacular neo-burlesque show set in the heart of Paris at Slide Lounge with a fantastic three course French dinner.

If you’re in the mood for a real blood sucking adventure, spook yourself at Dracula’s, Carlton. Under Gothic facades lies the fabulous underworld offering feasts for the eyes and stomach including stunning vampire cabaret performances.

Spirited Ghost Tours

Come October, head to see ghosts of times past at Ballarat, Australia’s Gold Rush destination. Experience the real eerie history and the unexplained stories with Ballarat Ghost Tours as they uncover the unknown.

You’ll never feel the same about Melbourne after joining a Lantern Ghost Tour to explore places like Castlemaine Gaol and J. Ward Lunatic Asylum.  

Not afraid of ghosts? Well, let’s ask you again after a The Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour. Explore the haunted past of CBD sites like Queen Victoria Market, The Francis Hotel, and Pugg Mahones as your guide shares goose-bumps–inducing creepy stories about the phantasm-infested grounds right at the centre of the city.

Witch-ing for more fun Halloween ideas? Check out more ghoulish Groupon deals here.