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How to Paint Without Artistic Ability

BY: | 9 Sep 2016


The last time I picked up a paintbrush was in Year 8 Visual Arts class and I haven’t touched one since. Painting – like drawing and art in general – is not my thing. I have neither the patience nor the delicate touch that is required to be a true artiste. However, when I learnt you could combine painting with wine at Life with Paint’s social events, I was back on board.

Life with Paint make it easy to get back into the art game by supplying a canvas, brushes, paint and a pub for you to get your Van Gogh on. A talented artist takes you through the painting process step-by-step and helps you cover up any mistakes along the way. Determined to give it a try, I gathered my courage and three of my friends and signed up for an event.

Lesson one: Things move quickly

Given that you only have two hours to knock out a masterpiece, the teaching process moves pretty quickly. After familiarising myself with the brushes (big, medium and small) and the paint (wet and on a palette) I kicked into concentration mode. The artist began to lay the foundations of our artwork – ‘Eiffel Tower at Night’ – and I did my best to keep up.

Lesson two: It’s not as hard as you think

After 30 minutes of putting brush to canvas I had a solid foundation for something that actually resembled the Eiffel Tower. The instructor showed us how to create a horizon and mark equidistant points to make sure our structures didn’t turn into the Leaning Tower of Pisa.. At this point everything began to take shape for me and, after glancing around the room, for everybody else too.

Lesson three: It’s okay to be different

The instructor warned us that our end product may not exactly resemble hers. Indeed, as the painting process edged closer towards completion stage, everybody’s artwork was slightly unique in one way or another. These differences were, I learned, what made each one so great. While I had rushed through the background stage, my friend had spent nearly the entire time getting the outline of his tower excruciatingly perfect. However, in the end, despite him not finishing and my slightly wobbly tower, we were both incredibly happy with what we had done because we had done it.

Lesson four: Painting is surprisingly addictive

Once I stood back and admired my finished masterpiece, it finally sunk in that I had managed to paint something. Though imperfect, it looked like it could have been painted by someone far more experienced (well, if you were looking from a slight distance). After showing it off to friends and family and receiving positive feedback, I am ready for more painting adventures. Who knows, I might even be the next Picasso.

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