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How To Spring Clean Your Life

BY: | 5 Sep 2016


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Spring is most commonly associated with fresh flowers, fluffy bunnies, and digging out your razor from the back of the bathroom cabinet. It’s been drilled into us, from generation to generation, that this is also the time to clean and organise before the long, hot days of summer roll around. While you don’t technically have to wait until the 1st of September, spring is just as good a time as any to spruce up your life.

1. Get your head in the game

The first and most important step of the spring cleaning process is to get in the right frame of mind. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last three months in the same pair of track pants, forming a groove in the couch from hours spent binging on House of Cards. It's time to put those pants in the laundry hamper, throw on a cute pair of denim overalls and a sassy red bandana, and get ready to get to work. The first few weeks of spring are also a good chance to venture outside, if only to remind yourself of the feeling of the sun’s rays on your Vitamin D-deprived skin.

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2. Whip your body into shape

Now that your head’s in the zone, it’s time for your body to catch up. Spring represents the difficult transition from winter hibernation to a body that feels at home in a swimming costume and isn’t covered in Dorito crumbs. Purchase a gym membership if you want to trim down or tone up, or a massage to work out any aches and pains from underuse. There are also a variety of treatments for those who prefer to cleanse from within. Go for a tea detox to rid the body of toxins, or colon hydrotherapy to rid the body of the gum you swallowed in 1973.

3. Make your house a home

Whether you live in a house, apartment or the space beneath your desk, you most likely have accrued stuff you don’t need. Give the things you don’t want to keep to charity and organise the rest into storage boxes, space saving bags or the bin. If your springtime allergies are flaring up from all the unsettled dust, then it’s cleaning time.

Groupon has a range of deals available to help you spring clean your house

Apply elbow grease – your own or that of a professional cleaning service – and the place will be sparkling in no time. My hot tip for a spotless home is incidental cleaning. Invest in a pair of mop slippers to turn the trip to the fridge for more snacks into a productive one or a robot vacuum cleaner to transfer the incidental cleaning to a third party.

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