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You’re Never Too Old To Learn

BY: | 16 Aug 2016


Groupon offers a wide range of online courses

Learning new skills can help keep your brain cells sharp, even if it is the art of eating chicken wings without getting your fingers messy or figuring out what the fabric care symbols on your clothes actually mean. Jump on the learning curve with our best ideas for becoming a master in pretty much anything.

1) Expand your mind

If you find yourself carefully studying coffee rings left by co-worker’ cups or call receipts you find in your partner’s wallet ‘evidence’, it may be time to consider a change in career. This online course in Criminal Psychology helps you test your fit as a human behaviour expert.  

Mindfulness is the practice which helps one stay calm through slow Wi-Fi connections and traffic jams. Learn how to help yourself and others from wrecking your router with an online course in mindfulness-based CBT at Centre of Excellence.

Being a dog-whisperer is undoubtedly the best job in the world because you get to spend so much time with puppies. Learn how to harness your pooch’s strengths with a dog behaviour online course.

Learn new skills with Groupon online courses like dog training

2. Accelerate your career

Overcome your fear of multi-cellular programs and learn how to mix up rows, columns and formulae with a certified Excel e-course in starter, advanced or top 25 advanced formulas.

Unravel the mystery of why some t-shirts can be as expensive as your car and other wonders of the corporate world, without paying business school fees, via this accredited mini MBA online course.

Or become the next big online sensation and get an understanding on what it takes to make your blog or website a success with this Accredited Blogging & Content Marketing for Business course.

You can also learn the best practices for pricing your products and services with this online course covering all you need to know about business pricing strategies.  

Learn new online skills with Groupon online courses like photography

3. Learn new, exciting skills

Brain science says learning a musical instrument sharpens your mathematical ability. Hone the grey cells and get your music career on track with this online introduction to Music Theory and Practice.

You can learn awesome camera tricks when you say cheese to this deal for an online photography course certified by iPhotography.

This accredited interior design and styling online course will help you channel your inner ‘fixer upper’ and learn how to work with limited space and choose the right fixtures and fittings. Or take to the great outdoors with this online landscape and garden design course.

Oil can offer more than a base for cooking dinner. Learn your lavender from your oregano and how to enhance beauty and wellness with this certified online aromatherapy course.

If you’re keen to learn more, check out other awesome online education courses with Groupon.