Classic Silk ($39) or Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions ($69) at Flutter Lash Studio (Up to $149 Value)

Flutter Lash Studio

Make the glance more expressive and appealing thanks to a choice of eyelash extensions applied by a professional at this studio

$80 $39

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Full Set of Silk ($49) or 3D Eyelash Extensions ($59) at Jacqueline Hair & Beauty Gallery (Up to $150 Value)

Jacqueline Hair & Beauty Gallery

Accentuate natural beauty and add some more flutter to the eyelashes thanks to a full set of silk or 3D extensions

$100 $49

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Microneedling and Eyelash Tint for One ($89) or Two People ($169) at Brow and Sugar, Subiaco (Up to $538 Value)

Brow and Sugar, Subiaco

Designed to revitalise complexions and reduce the visibility of fine line, a microneedling treatment is complemented with a lash tint

$269 $89

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Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattooing ($149), or $199 to Add Bottom Eyeliner at Skin Asthetix (Up to $649.90 Value)

Skin Asthetix

Save time getting ready in the morning with eyebrow cosmetic tattooing with the option to add bottom eyeliner

$399.95 $149

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Eyebrow Threading ($8) or Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint ($18) at Rose's Hairdressing Salon (Up to $32 Value)

Rose's Hairdressing Salon

Banish unwanted facial hair and shape the eyebrows with threading; opt for brow and lash tint to enhance natural eye features

$12 $8

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$39 for Eyebrow and Lash Tint Plus Eyebrow Wax at Dynamic Skin Services (Up to $75 Value)

Dynamic Skin Services

Clients can enhance their natural features thanks to an eyebrow wax with an eyelash and eyebrow tint to define the look

$75 $39

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Eyebrow Makeover ($19) Plus Eyelash Tint ($29) at Léa Beauty Studio (Up to $80 Value)

Léa Beauty Studio
Mount Hawthorn

Enjoy an eyebrow makeover package including tinting, waxing, tweezing, trimming and reshaping; opt to and an eyelash tint to define the look

$50 $19

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Eyelash Tint and Semi-Permanent Mascara ($39) or $99 to Add Eyelash Lift at Skin Asthetix (Up to $175 Value)

Skin Asthetix

Make natural lashes look fan-like and appealing with this styling package including eyelash lift, tint and semi-permanent mascara

$75 $39

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$49 for Lash Lift and Tint at Aimee's Nail And Beauty Salon (Up to $95 Value)

Aimee's Nail And Beauty Salon

Designed to last up to 12 weeks, a keratin eyelash lift treatment is paired with a tint for top and bottom eyelashes

$95 $49

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$189 for Feather-Touch Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo at Wu's Day Spa and Massage (Up to $450 Value)

Wu's Day Spa and Massage

Customers can add more definition to the eyebrows with this cosmetic tattoo combined with a feathering treatment

$450 $189

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