$189 for Feather-Touch Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos at Jenn's Studio, Carlisle (Up to $440 Value)

Jenn's Studio
East Victoria Park

Get full, fashionable, and natural-looking brows with cosmetic tattoos designed to frame your face and eliminate the need for brow products

$440 $189

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Cosmetic Tattoo: Top or Bottom Eyeliner ($99) or Eyebrows ($159) at The Pure Shop Skin and Body (Up to $500 Value)

The Pure Shop Clinic

Save the time wasted on morning make-up by applying cosmetic tattoos on the eye line area or on the eyebrows

$400 $99

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From $99 for Cosmetic Tattoo of Choice at Luxurious Eyes Beauty (From $199 Value)

Luxurious Eyes Beauty
East Perth

Forget about applying make-up every morning thanks to this long-lasting eyeliner, lip or eyebrow cosmetic tattoo; get 20% off touch-up

$199 $99

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Top Eyeliner ($179) or Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo ($169) at Jacqueline Hair & Beauty Gallery (Up to $400 Value)

Jacqueline Hair & Beauty Gallery

Enhance natural eye features with a long-lasting effect thanks to a cosmetic tattoo on a choice of area

$400 $169

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Eyeliner ($99) or Eyebrow ($189) Cosmetic Tattoo at QB10 Hair Salon (Up to $450 Value)

QB10 Hair Salon

Save time and forget about applying make-up every day with this long-lasting eyeliner or eyebrow cosmetic tattoo

$350 $99

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$189 for Feather-Touch Eyebrows at The Skin Studio (Up to $449 Value)

The Skin Studio
East Perth

Clients can enhance their natural features with a semi-permanent make-up treatment for the eyebrows

$449 $189

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