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Give the gift of ‘presence’ this Christmas!

Christmas Stockings

There are plenty of things that can ruin Christmas, but don’t let your phone be one of them! Christmas should be all about having fun, experiencing quality time and making memories with friends and family. But too many of us spend this special day staring at our phones - in fact, nine out of 10 Aussies say they use their mobile phones or are on social media on Christmas Day.

But the good news is that almost two-thirds of Aussies have put a mobile phone and social media free day high on their Christmas wish list. So perhaps it’s time for us to switch off and enjoy a true and authentic Christmas experience.

This year, we’re encouraging Aussies to put the phone down and take a digital detox on Christmas Day - and we’ve got a range of great incentives to help you on your sabbatical, including limited edition signal blocking Christmas stockings up for grabs!

Christmas Pledge

1. Make a pledge for a mobile-free Christmas

Studies have shown that when you commit to something in writing it definitely increases your chances of success. That’s why we’re asking everyone to join us in making a pledge to be mobile and social media free on Christmas Day.

In the leadup to Christmas mobiles are super handy, especially if you love shopping online on Groupon instead of battling long lines and full car parks at the local shopping centre. And they’re also great to capture those special moments on Christmas Day.

But this year, instead of scrolling through social media or surfing the net during Christmas lunch or dinner (unbelievably 56% of us admit to being on our phones at these times!), ditch it for a real Christmas experience you’ll never forget.

Download the pledge to sign and share with friends and family here or click the button at the bottom of this page.

Activity Guide

2. Stay entertained with these fun things to do

So now you’ve hung up your phone for the holiday, what are you going to do? Good news - we’ve created a handy list of 10 fun activities you can use to keep family and friends entertained right up until the post-Christmas meal snooze - and beyond.

From good old-fashioned fun games like hide and seek or guess the object to watching Christmas movies together or even volunteering your time to those less fortunate, we’ve got some great suggestions for everyone.

Download your Christmas activity guide here or click the button at the bottom of this page.

Christmas Stockings

3. Enter the competition to win a Christmas ‘Stopping’

If you want to ensure your day is free of calls, notifications and WhatsApp messages from family you haven’t heard from since last December 25th - then enter our competition to win one of 10 custom-made limited edition ‘Christmas Stoppings’.

Made from a special shielding fleece that will block cellular signals, these festival and functional stockings have been specially designed to stop mobile interference this Christmas Day.

For our chance to win, check out the competition here or click the button at the bottom of this page - good luck!

Get the Mobile-free pledge

Download the Christmas activity guide

Enter the competition to win the Christmas Stopping