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Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia.It is the capital city of Queensland, one of the states in the country. The city sits along Brisbane River from which it derived its name. Like all other cities in Australia, healthcare is one of the challenges that Brisbane residents face. There are many healthcare facilities in the city. However, like in other parts of the world, healthcare costs can be steep some times. Fortunately, Groupon, a company that offers coupons for various products and services, is giving coupons for healthcare in Brisbane. The facilities that qualify for this offer in Brisbane include hospitals, clinics and chemists. The coupon that Groupon is offering can be used to pay for treatment at any of the qualifying healthcare centers in Brisbane. The coupons come in different value and you need to be sure that the one you get is adequate for the particular service you are seeking from a healthcare facility. You may, for instance, get one that caters for dental care fees but can not pay for pediatric services. You should be careful to read the instructions to ensure that you understand the specific healthcare service you are qualified to access. You should also bear in mind that a coupon for healthcare services does not limit the kind of service you can get from a hospital, clinic or chemist. If the value of the coupon is lower than what you are being charged, you can always top it up from your pocket. Whether you will need to top up or not, getting a coupon will reduce substantially the amount of money you would ordinarily spend while in Brisbane.
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  • Derma-Fill and Facial

    Derma-Fill Electroporation with Facial - One ($49), Two ($89) or Three Visits ($119) at Bella Mela (Up to $954 Value)

    Deal ends: 09/11/2014 | 14:59 Buy Details
  • 5-Star Langham Hotel Couple's Spa

    $225 for a Couple's Spa Pamper Package at Chuan Spa in the 5-Star Langham Hotel, Southbank (Up to $619 Value)

    Deal ends: 02/11/2014 | 13:59 Buy Details
  • Relax! 1-Hour Full-Body Massage

    $39 for a One-Hour Full-Body Oil Massage with Oriental Touch Massage, Two Locations ($65 Value)

    Deal ends: 02/11/2014 | 14:29 Buy Details
  • De-Stress: 1-Hour Massage

    From $39 for a One-Hour Body Massage or $59 to Add Reflexology at Victoria Park Sports Massage Clinic (Up to $120 Value)

    Deal ends: 09/11/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • 80% Off 90-Min Thai Pampering

    90-Minute Thai Pamper Package for One ($69) or Two People ($129) at Royal Thai Massage Day Spa (Up to $678 Value)

    Deal ends: 09/11/2014 | 14:59 Buy Details
  • 70-Minute Full Body Massage

    Full Body Massage - 70 ($39) or 100 Minutes ($55) at Zen Element Chinese Medicine Centre (Up to $140 Value)

    Deal ends: 23/11/2014 | 13:59 Buy Details
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