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Eight Australian Food Blogs You Should Be Following

BY: | 16 Aug 2016

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Finding inspiration for dinner can be difficult. If you’re like me, it usually involves staring into the fridge for 20 minutes, and then giving up and ordering pizza. You’ll be glad to know there’s hope for people like us: food blogs. Since the early 2000s, food blogs have flooded the Internet with pages and pages of recipes and photos that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the palette.

To help you navigate your way through, we’ve compiled a list of some of the country’s most prolific blogs that feature recipes for coeliacs, omnivores, carnivores, little kids, big kids, and everything in between.

1. Chew Town

What it’s about: Combining simple recipes with interesting ingredients and Mediterranean influences.

Amanda Michetti gave up a life of opera singing to pursue a career as a freelance food and lifestyle photographer, cook and stylist. Her rich Italian heritage – and time spent in the family restaurant – shines through in her recipes. Learn how to make pasta the Italian way in a few easy steps.

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2. My Darling Lemon Thyme

What it’s about: Perfect for vegetarians or those intolerant of gluten, it also has handy tips for growing an organic garden

Chef Emma Galloway needed to think outside of the box when she and her two children were diagnosed with gluten intolerance. The results, featured on her blog, are proof that recipes created around food intolerances can still be vibrant and delicious.

3. Cook Republic

What it’s about: Incredible food photography and mouth-watering recipes with an Indian twist

Sydney-sider Sneh Roy re-discovered her love of food in 2003, after completing studies in design and computer engineering. Since changing career paths, she has been creating healthy recipes that are full of colour and spice, drawing inspiration from her childhood in Mumbai, India.

4. The Hungry Australian

What it’s about: Recipes are paired with captivating stories, memories and experiences

Christina Soong’s blog began as a way for her to practise writing, but has since evolved into a culinary tour de force. Read all about Christina’s adventures travelling the globe visiting night hawker markets in Malaysia and going on safari in South Africa before checking out her collection of drool-worthy recipes.

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5. What Katie Ate

What it’s about: Warming, indulgent comfort food and delicate dinner party dishes

Born and bred in Dublin, food blogger Katie Quinn Davies is now proud to call Sydney home. Her specialty lies in photographing food in a natural, rustic setting so that it retains its homely feel. Many of the recipes on the blog are designed for sharing and were inspired by Katie’s love of throwing dinner parties.

6. Boy Eats World

What it’s about: Seeing the world of food through the eyes of an adventure-hungry child called Raffles

Aleney and her brood are so well-travelled they could give the Jolie-Pitt clan a run for their money. Enviously follow their globe-trotting adventures and whip up the child-friendly recipes at home for your own offspring.

7. The Sugar Hit

What it’s about: A colourful blog that is a treat for the eyes and covers everything from breakfast to midnight snacks

Sarah Coates helms a blog devoted to sugar, spice and everything nice. Sarah, according to family legend, has been a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen since she was able to sit up without assistance. Here you can find her recipes for devilish desserts, crowd-pleasing cocktails, and full-on dinner feasts.

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8. The Healthy Chef

What it’s about: Providing nutritious recipes plus information and advice on health and wellness

Chef, nutritionist, fitness trainer and blogger Teresa Cutter combines her love of food and fitness with culinary creations to help boost health and vitality. Check out a range of recipes for desserts, power smoothies and nourishing soups that are jam-packed with nutrients and health benefits.

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