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Groupon celebrates International Women's Day!

BY: Groupon Staff |

We have some truly awesome merchants at Groupon including our brilliant female business owners and business managers, who we are celebrating this International Women’s Day!

From pilots and yoga teachers, to boat skippers and business leaders, our female merchants are highly skilled and highly passionate about their businesses. Read on to find out more about them including top tips for other women in business.

Sasha Hawley, Owner of Yoga By The Sea
Yoga by the Sea is a proudly sustainable business offering international retreats, as well as seaside classes indoors and outdoors at Sydney’s Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte & Manly beaches.

In essence, International Women's Day a celebration and recognition of equality, women’s rights, their achievements and female empowerment. For these reasons, I was thrilled when my daughter was born on this momentous day!

My top tip for women in business  is to be involved is something that moves you, that gives your life meaning and purpose. This will inspire the passion, perseverance, strength and confidence you’ll need to succeed.  

Fun fact – Sealife Spotting! First person to spot a dolphin or whale from their Yoga by the Sea mat gets their next class FREE!

Mary-Anne Cheaib, Owner of Crista Bella
Crista Bella is a wholesale business based in Sydney specialising in licensed merchandise in the area of health and beauty.

I started my business in 2010 as I wanted flexibility that would allow me to have time for other things, like starting a family. Running your own company can be challenging and stressful, but it’s also rewarding and joyful.

My tip to other women out there who are thinking of running their own business is only do it if it makes you happy. If it makes you happy you will succeed, and in turn you will bring happiness into the lives of those around you.

International Women’s Day is a reminder of how much women have already achieved and that there are no limits to what more can be achieved.

Rachel Kennedy, Founder of Stomping Ground Studios
Stomping Ground Studios is a purpose built dance and movement centre in Stepney, SA providing dance classes, pilates and massage therapy for people of all ages and abilities, supporting self-discovery, optimal health, wellbeing and creative expression.

Starting my business has been my greatest achievement. When I started, I really wanted to work in an area I’m passionate about. When I first started, my biggest obstacle was finding and reaching customers, which was one of the reasons I sun campaigns with Groupon as it raises awareness of my business.

I have a strong background in dancing and pilates, and believe a key factor in my business success is education & training, as well as being a good communicator which is why so many women are successful.

International Women's Day is important to me because it is recognition of all the wonderful things the amazing women in our lives are contributing to their communities and beyond.  It's a fantastic opportunity also for women in their communities to get together and support and honour each other.

Emma Little, Manager of Perth Custom Charters
Perth Custom Charters specialises in small group charters and chartered boat hire, and works with Groupon running Hillarys Boat Harbour Cruises in Western Australia.

International Women's Day is important to me because it calls for gender equality. The marine industry has been very male-dominated and it's just great to see more and more women of all ages getting involved from deckhands to captains.

My top tip for other female managers is to have fun. I find that the managers set the tone and creating a positive environment is all about leading by example. If I am enjoying what I do, the crew and the customers will hopefully enjoy themselves too!

Marguerita Hamilton, Owner of Golden Spring Wellbeing
Golden Spring Wellbeing specialises in deep relaxation therapies in the spa and relaxation capital of Victoria - Hepburn Springs.

I opened my business in 2014 and Groupon have been instrumental in assisting my success.

My business is a combination of my hobbies - massage, wellbeing, gardening, nature and interior design. I also get to use the business acumen I have developed over the years for my own benefit. That's empowering!

International Women’s Day is important to me as it focuses on and celebrates women's achievements.

Sue Elliot, Sales & Marketing Manager of Gate 1 Travel
Gate 1 Travel helps people see more of the world for less on our tours and river cruises. I love hearing from our satisfied travellers who tell me that when they booked they thought the prices might be too good to be true, but it turned out to be their best holiday ever!

International Women’s Day is important to me as the world needs reminding of what woman have to cope with and we should celebrate the achievements of the many who help make it a fairer world for females.

My top tip for other female managers is use your intuition to your advantage. Know your audience and then trust your gut feel.

Esther Harrington, Pilot, Taupo Tandem Skydiving
Taupo Tandem Skydiving is owned by a lovely woman, Trish, whose son Hamish runs the operations side of the business. But we would like to feature the lady that makes it all happen - Esther, our wonderful pilot.

Esther has been flying for 7 years, beginning her career at the early age of 17. She has been working for Taupo Tandem Skydiving for 2.5 years and love her job! Why? Unlike most pilots, she gets to watch people get thrown out of her plane everyday.

Fun fact: Taupo Tandem Skydiving is New Zealand’s number 1 skydiving operation on Tripadvisor! It’s all thanks to our incredible staff members like Esther who make our business what it is.

According to Esther: “International Women’s Day is important to me because we always need more reasons to celebrate success! For women and business owners all around the world.”

Anna Nguyen, Owner of Halong Tours Booking
Halong Tours Booking is an inbound international tour operator, which opened in 2013 and focuses on tours in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, and Cambodia. We’ve worked with Groupon over the past five years, and I love the support I receive from my sales and account management team.

International Women’s Day is important to me as in Vietnam women are still not equals with men, and in order to build a successful business, women must be able to not only fulfill their responsibilities of caring for children and families, they must also have a spirit of steel, and the will to strive and to overcome the cultural barriers to step their own.

My top tip for other women in business is to stand on the giant's shoulders - Groupon is a giant!

Amanda Bracks, Owner of Soulful Fitness
Soulful Fitness studio opened in May 2015 and services over 600 members in Sydney’s Lane Cove community. We believe unconditionally in the investment of exercise and have been working with Groupon since opening to reach people looking for help with strength, weight loss, wellbeing, pain relief, stress release and moe through a range of classes including barre, Pilates Reformer, Pilates mat, meditation, and yoga.

My biggest achievement as a business owner was winning the 2017 Australia Small Business of the Year Health Improvement Sector!

My top tips for other business women is to believe in yourself, believe in your goals and get a tribe of supportive people to lean on to remind you of this when you get tired or a little lost.

International Women’s Day is important to recognise the amazing contribution women make to many aspects of the world, and especially important to me is as a community helper, leader and business entrepreneur.

Bumpa Love, Owner of Vau d'vile Drag Cabaret
I am a Drag Queen, and the owner of Australia’s only drag queen operated cabaret venue. We have a dinner and show experience like no other and have been open for one year.  

Part of our ethos is the empowerment of women and the appreciation of femininity and we have had women from all walks of life enjoy our show. We speak speak about this during our evening performances, and our ethos is to support diversity.

International Women’s Day is important to me as I’m reminded of the support my mother gave to me, especially now she’s no longer with us.

Vicky Contoudios, Owner of My Shop Your Shop
My Shop Your Shop is an Australian based online fashion company. We are constantly striving to provide the best products along with the best service. We love unique products and love the convenience of shopping online.

I created this online retail business back in 2010 focusing on popular women's fashion and accessories. We have been partnering with Groupon since 2012. A key to my business success was using an online marketing platform like Groupon to reach new customers. 

My top business tip is to engage and maximise all social media channels to promote your business profile and offerings.

Fun fact: My stress relief in the office involves watching Ellen on the Ellen Tube.  She is one very funny, generous and amazing woman.

Rebecca Assice, Owner of Virtual Room Sydney
Virtual Room is the world's best team-based virtual reality experience and is now located in the heart of Sydney.

I work flexibly and part-time from home in Singapore – running Virtual Room and Escape Hunt businesses across Australia, NZ and Singapore – which gives me a lot of freedom to travel the world with my family.

Women are still so far behind in terms of societal and career equality and change takes a very a long time. I have always been a passionate supporter of women in business, having held senior voluntary roles (alongside my consulting job) within major international organisations such as Deloitte and Oliver Wyman supporting the progression of women in their careers. 

I am now pregnant with my first daughter and hope that when she leaves her studies we will have true equality in life, work and society so that there is no longer a need for International Women’s Day.

My top tip for women in business is if you want your business to give you financial freedom, make sure you truly understand the business economics e.g. how many products or services do you really need to sell to make a decent living?

Sharon Daubney, Practice Manager of The Dentist East Tamaki
Our surgery in East Tamaki, New Zealand is a friendly caring environment with commitment from long serving staff - our first and only focus is you and your wellbeing from the moment enter the surgery to the moment your leave.

I enjoy our business relationship with Groupon providing and advertisement platform to share awesome deals with the public.

International Women’s Day is important to all women and I’d like to remind everyone a beautiful smile is so powerful it can change the mood of a group of people without saying a word.

Funny Fact: Giraffes only have bottom teeth!!