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$29 for a 3D Body Scan at DETOXologie, Bondi Junction (Up to $249 Value)

EASTGATE Shopping Centre

Customers can gain a better understanding of their health with a system that targets the blood, hormones, brain, nerves, bones and more

$249 $29

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$129 for a Collagen Induction Facial Treatment at Luxe Clinic (Up to $350 Value)

Luxe Clinic

Harnessing the power of laser light, the treatment is designed to encourage brighter complexions and reduce the appearance of blemishes

$350 $129

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Tattoo Removal - Small ($80), Medium ($130), or Large Area ($170) at Fade to Blank, Leichhardt (Up to $580 Value)

Fade to Blank

It is a commonly known fact that tattoos are permanent - unless they are the name of your ex; undo past mistakes with tattoo removal

$130 $80

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Cryotherapy - One ($59), Three ($176), or Five Sessions ($293) at Equilibrium Healing Arts Studio (Up to $450 Value)

Equilibrium Healing Arts Studio
Potts Point

Immerse the body indirectly in temperatures as low as -190 degrees Celsius to ease pain, increase energy, and boost the immune system

$90 $59

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One ($39) Two ($75) or Three DEXA Scans ($109) with One Consultation at Holistic Physio Fitness (Up to $285 Value)

Holistic Physio Fitness
Mona Vale

Clients can have up to the three DEXA scans which can measure bone mineral density, body fat and muscle mass with an additional consultation


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$79 for One Session of Spectra XT Laser Pigment Removal ad Skin Revitalisation at Pally Beauty Laser Clinic

Pally Beauty Laser Clinic

This laser treatment targets skin pigmentation and is designed to improve rough texture, skin tone and elasticity

$450 $79

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State of the Art Whole Body Cryotherapy - One ($55), Two ($105) or Three Sessions ($150) at Cryo (Up to $225 Value)

Cryo Pty Ltd

This hyper-cooling treatment is ideal for those seeking support for muscle recovery and repair, weight management or skin revitalisation

$90 $55

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Mole, Skin Lesion or Tag Removal - One ($59), Three ($99) or Five Removals ($149) at Shape and Glow (Up to $2,000 Value)

Shape and Glow

Using radio waves and high-frequency currents, this treatment is designed to remove moles, skin lesions, warts or skin tags

$400 $59

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One Session of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for One ($29) or Two ($55) at Perfect PEMF (Up to $160 Value)

Perfect PEMF
North Parramatta

Customers can get instant pain relief from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy by healing your body at a cellular level

$80 $29

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One ($45), Three ($119) or Ten ($299) Cryotherapy Sessions at BodySpec Fitness (Up to $550 Value)

BodySpec Fitness
Bella Vista

Customers can benefit from these cryotherapy sessions that aim to mimic muscle contraction and accelerate healing processes

$55 $45

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$149 for Twelve Laser Hair Regrowth Treatments at New Generation Hair, Parramatta ($1,450 Value)

New Generation Hair - Parramatta

This treatment is designed to stimulate hair regrowth; available in Parramatta and Newcastle

$1,450 $149

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$349 for 4D Fat Freezing Session at Akaliko Skin Clinics (Up to $698 Value)

Akaliko Skin Clinics

Get in shape quicker with this innovative treatment designed to reduce fat tissue on areas of choice

$698 $349

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Eyebrow Tattoo Removal: Two ($99), Three ($149) or Four Sessions ($199) at Lavish Beauty Cabramatta (Up to $532 Value)

Lavish Beauty Cabramatta

Reduce the visibility of semi-permanent make-up and tone down exaggerated look with these sessions of eyebrow tattoo removal

$266 $99

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Spider Vein Removal on a 5cm² ($99), 10cm² ($129) or 15cm² ($189) Area at Luxe Clinic (Up to $900 Value)

Luxe Clinic

Customers can benefit from this non-invasive treatment targeting spider veins, rosacea, and other vascular marks

$300 $99

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Toenail Fungus Removal on One ($89) or Two Feet ($149) at Eternity Laser Cosmedic Clinic, Broadway (Up to $499 Value)

Eternity Laser Cosmedic Centre

Alleviate toenails of fungal infections in time for the warmer weather and sandal season, allowing nails to grow back healthy and strong

$279 $89

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SYDNEY: $2,950 for Blepharoplasty Upper Eyelid Surgery at My Cosmetic Clinic

My Cosmetic Clinic
Multiple Locations

Get rid of puffy, loose skin around the upper eyelid area and improve the appearance of sagging lids on both eyes with a 45-minute surgery


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$69 for a Six-Week Hair Restoration Package at Millennium Clinic, CBD ($1,305 Value)

Millennium Clinic

Treat a number of hair and scalp problems including damage caused by perms and colouring, or genetics and illness

$1,305 $69

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