Melbourne Japanese

11-Dish Teppanyaki Feast - Osaka ($88) or Sapporo Set with Lobster Tail ($108) for Two at Aya Teppanyaki (Up to $207.40)

Aya Teppanyaki

Enjoy a traditional Japanese meal with a 11-dish teppanyaki feast including miso soup, sushi and sashimi, wagyu beef and more

$171.40 $88

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8-Course Chargrill Dinner ($79), or 9-Course Lobster Tail Dinner ($99) at Niku Niku Japanese Gourmet (Up to $211 Value)

Niku Niku Japanese Gourmet

Diners can savour a range of authentic Japanese dishes served in the form of a chargrill or a lobster tail dinner set

$150 $79

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Chicken Katsu (Rice, Burger or Ramen) Set with Drink for One ($9.90) or Two ($19) at Katsu King (Up to $33 Value)

Katsu King
South Yarra

Individuals or duos can indulge in a chicken katsu set of choice, and sip on a can of soft drink

$16.50 $9.90

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Vegetarian or Standard Banquet with Sake for 2 (From $59) or 4 People (From $115) at Kinyoubi Izakaya (Up to $294 Value)

Kinyoubi Izakaya

Two or four taste-buddies can enjoy a traditional eight-course carnivorous or vegetarian-friendly banquet with a round of sake all around

$122 $59

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Summer of Seafood Degustation for One ($68), Two ($136) or Four People ($272) at Kobe Jones Melbourne (Up to $636 Value)

Kobe Jones Melbourne

Feast on a range of Japanese-inspired dishes including tuna tartare, crab salad, and a Morton Bay bug on a hot rock with garlic butter

$159 $69

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Crab and Wagyu Degustation (From $69) + Glass of Moët (From $88) at Kobe Jones (Up to $780 Value)

Kobe Jones Melbourne

Dine in on Wagyu rump 9+ seared & chilled and feast on an Alaskan crab leg grilled robata-style; opt to include a glass of Moët

$155 $69

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Eight-Dish Japanese Meal with Wine for Two ($69) or Four People ($135) at Moshi Moshi (Up to $240.8 Value)

Moshi Moshi
Port Melbourne

Savour Japanese flavours with a shared set menu including miso, edamame, tokoyaki, tempura prawns and more with a glass of wine

$120.40 $69

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All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Gyoza for Two ($29), Four ($49) or Eight People ($98) at Bosozoku HQ (Up to $240 Value)

Bosozoku HQ
South Yarra

Choose from pork and chive, vegetarian or prawn and ginger gyoza and enjoy the vibe of a Japanese biker-inspired bar

$60 $29

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Wash and Blow-Wave ($19) or Cut and Blow-Wave with 3-Step Japanese Treatment at Salon Atreve (Up to $135 Value)

Salon Atreve

Receive a hair makeover with a cut and blow-wave that can be paired with a Japanese three-step treatment

$40 $19

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All You Can Eat Japanese + Wine from $55 for 2, or $163 for 6 People at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant (Up to $226.80 Value)

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

Enjoy Japanese delicacies such as sushi, gyozas, beef tataki, seaweed salad or green tea ice cream, paired with sake, wine or a soft drink

$151.20 $109

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$35 for One-Hour Japanese Point Therapy Massage or $49 with Acupuncture at Dr Benji Acupuncture (Up to $201 Value)

Dr Benji Acupuncture

Traditional Japanese tsubo therapy aims to clear toxins and boost energy levels and well-being; opt to include acupuncture to treat injuries

$138.75 $35

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One-Hour Full Body Massage: One ($45) or Two People ($85) at Izumi Japanese Massage (Up to $170 Value)

Izumi Japanese Massage

Relax in a sanctuary located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD; duck in on lunch hour to recharge for the rest of the day

$85 $45

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Japanese Mucota Treatment for Short to Medium ($69) or Long Hair ($89) at Exchange Hair Group (Up to $240 Value)

Exchange Hair Group

Customers can take control of the the frizz with a Japanese Mucota treatment, which is available for various hair lengths at this CBD salon

$210 $69

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MUCOTA Japanese Hair Treatment for Short ($39) or Long Hair ($49) at Koos Hair Salon (Up to $140 Value)

Koos Hair Salon

Clients can take advantage of this Japanese conditioning treatment designed to leave locks smooth and silky

$120 $39

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$49 for a MUCOTA Japanese Treatment Package, $109 to Add Shiseido Straightening at Jacob Hair Salon (Up to $185 Value)

Jacob Hair Salon
Box Hill

Treat your tresses right with a MUCOTA Japanese treatment that nourishes your strands and leaves them feeling fresh and healthy

$135 $49

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$39 Cut, Blow-Dry and Shiseido Treatment or $109 with Shiseido Straightening at Magic Hair Salon (Up to $318 Value)

Magic Hair Salon

Give hair new life with a Shiseido treatment, or opt to include permanent Shiseido straightening to eliminate frizz and curls

$118 $39

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One-Hour Japanese Relaxation Massage for One ($45) or Two People ($89) at REVE Hair Esthetic (Up to $160 Value)

REVE Hair Esthetic

Individuals or duos can spend one hour being pampered with a Japanese relaxation massage using aroma oil

$80 $45

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Thai Lunch with Soft Drink for One ($8), Two ($15) or Four People ($29) at Tamra Siam, Carlton (Up to $51.60 Value)

Tamra Siam

Patron can choose from Pad Thai, Tomyum, fried rice or curry and soft drink included

$12.90 $8

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Five-Dish Thai Dinner with Beer for Two ($39.99) or Six People ($117.99) at Thai Kitchen Beer (Up to $249 Value)

Thai Kitchen Beer

Two diners can choose up to five Thai dishes such as crispy kung kong or grilled tiger prawns to share and enjoy a glass of Kirin beer each

$83 $39.99

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3-Course Shanghai Meal + Wine or Beer for 2 ($29), 4 ($57) or 8 Ppl ($115) at Nong Tang Noodle House (Up to $264 Value)

Nong Tang Noodle House

Diners can enjoy delicacies of the Shanghai cuisine with items like steamed pork buns, duck on rice, and dumplings; drinks also included

$66 $29

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6-Course Chinese Banquet + Drinks for 2 ($39), 4 ($75) or 6 People ($109) at Taste Divine Restaurant (Up to $328.20)

Taste Divine Restaurant
Malvern East

Start with Peking duck followed by a chicken and corn soup and savour mains such as honey chicken or beef with black bean sauce; sip on wine

$109.40 $39

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3-Course Thai Dinner with Drinks: 2 ($39), 4 ($75) or 6 People ($109) at Tamra Siam (Up to $226.50 Value)

Tamra Siam

Up to six patrons can indulge in a Thai dining experience featuring dishes such as crispy chicken and a dessert, accompanied by drinks

$75.50 $39

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Chinese Banquet for Two ($35) or Six People ($86) at Harmony BBQ and Seafood Chinese Restaurant (Up to $180 Value)

Harmony BBQ and Seafood Chinese Restaurant

Up to six guests can tuck into six authentic Chinese dishes, such as Peking duck, honey chicken, and wok-fried seafood

$60 $35

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Four-Course Peking Duck Banquet with Drinks for Two ($39) or Four People ($76) at EC Kitchen (Up to $154 Value)

EC Kitchen
Caulfield East

Feast on san choi bao, duck pancakes and your choice of duck noodles or rice, then finish off with a banana in pastry and ice cream dessert

$77.20 $39

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Peking Duck Banquet with Wine for Two ($39) or Four People ($75) at All People Chinese Restaurant (Up to $207.20 Value)

All People Chinese Restaurant
Burwood East

Indulge in a Peking duck meal that includes pancakes, soup with bean curd and shredded duck with mung beans, accompanied by a glass of wine

$103.60 $39

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Thai Meal with Soft Drink for 2 ($29.95), 4 ($59.90) or 6 People ($89.85) at Thai Eat Restaurant (Up to $198 Value)

Thai Eat Restaurant
Doncaster East

Guests can indulge in an Thai style starter, stir fried rice or noodles, curry and a soft drink

$66 $29.95

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Three-Course Thai Dinner for Two ($45) or Four People ($87) at Thai District Cafe (Up to $140 Value)

Thai District Cafe

Tuck into a starter and main course of choice, followed by a banana fritter and ice cream for dessert, and a coffee or tea

$70 $45

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Four-Course Chinese Dinner for Two ($39) or Four People ($77) at C18 Chinese Restaurant (Up to $163.60 Value)

C18 Chinese Restaurant
Hawthorn East

Start with a seafood san choi bao and proceed to a soup, followed by a chicken or beef main of choice; includes a portion of steamed rice

$81.80 $39

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Thai Banquet Dinner for Two ($45) or Four People ($87) at Payom Thai Restaurant (Up to $140 Value)

Payom Thai Restaurant

Two or four guests can enjoy a banquet dinner including Thai curry with vegetables and chicken, coconut ice cream and tea or coffee

$70 $45

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Seven-Dish Thai Banquet with Glass of Wine for Two ($39) or Four People ($78) at Im Em Thai (Up to $160.40 Value)

Im Em Thai

Luxuriate in a seven-dish Thai banquet with items like beef pad bi kapow, red curry and prawn spring rolls, paired with a glass of wine

$80.20 $39

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Six-Dish Thai Banquet for Two ($49), Four ($97), or Six People ($145) at Chalita's Kitchen, Niddrie (Up to $210 Value)

Chalita's Kitchen

Enjoy veg spring rolls and satay chicken before tucking into massaman curry and pad Thai or red duck curry and chicken and cashew stir fry

$70 $49

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Two-Course Thai Lunch with Wine for Two ($30), Four ($59) or Six People ($88) at Chalita's Kitchen (Up to $172 Value)

Chalita's Kitchen

Make it a great lunch with a choice of curries, stir-fries, grilled or noodle dishes plus a mixed entree and a wine or house beer

$56 $30

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3-Course Chinese Dinner with Wine for 2 ($35), 4 ($69) or 6 People ($102) at Nong Tang Noodle House (Up to $243 Value)

Nong Tang Noodle House

Up to six guests can enjoy this three-course dinner including classic Chinese dishes, like sweetcorn soup, dumplings and a main of choice

$81 $35

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CBD Sichuan Chinese Experience with Wine for Two ($39), Four ($77) or Six People ($115) at Dong Ting (Up to $238.80 Val)

Dong Ting

Up to six guests can savour dishes such as pork belly, stir-fried lamb or beef brisket stew, sided with steamed rice and a glass of wine

$79.60 $39

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Thai Dinner for Two ($35) or Four People ($69) at Ploy Thai (Up to $217.72 Value)

Ploy Thai

Enjoy a Thai dinner with starters such as spring rolls, samosas and fish cakes, mains like green curry and ice cream for dessert

$108.86 $35

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Three-Course Thai Dinner with Wine for Two ($59) or Six People ($189) at Thai Yarmyen Restaurant (Up to $277 Value)

Thai Yarmyen Restaurant
South Morang

Choose from any items on the menu; enjoy an entrée chicken satay, a main of Pad See Ew and sticky rice dessert; wine or beer included

$92.40 $59

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Three-Course Thai Dinner for Two ($45) or Four People ($87) at Nongkhai Thai Essendon (Up to $140 Value)

Nongkhai Thai Essendon

Duos can enjoy starters such as spring rolls or nam zod, and mains such as beef stir-fry or green curry, followed by a dessert of choice

$70 $45

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Five-Course Lobster Tail Seafood Banquet for Two ($105) or Four People ($200) at Aja Restaurant (Up to $372 Value)

Aja Restaurant
Albert Park

Feast on a selection of seafood dishes, such as wasabi prawns, calamari or lobster tail with noodles accompanied by a dessert and wine

$186 $105

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Three-Course Meal with Live Comedy Show for Two ($89) or Four People ($175) at Witches in Britches (Up to $316 Value)

Witches in Britches Theatre Restaurant
West Melbourne

Enjoy Melbourne’s quirkiest night out at the Witches in Britches theatre restaurant

$158 $89

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AYCE Brazilian Dining, Live Show + Dance Class for Two ($69) to Eight People ($269) at Copacabana (Up to $719.20 Value)


Enjoy an authentic Churrascaria-style BBQ with live entertainment that features dancing and music; dance classes available

$179.80 $69

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Burrito, Chips, Salsa Dip and Soft Drink for One ($11) or Two ($22) at Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill (Up to $35 Value)

Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill
Multiple Locations

Enjoy a regular or naked burrito such as grilled chicken, steak or vegetarian, served with tortilla chips with a dip and a soft drink

$17.50 $11

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Meal + Glass of Wine for Two ($39) or + 2 Bottles of Wine for Four People ($89) at The Hotel Albion (Up to $206 Value)

The Hotel Albion
Port Melbourne

Start with a shared entrée then enjoy a main from choices like lamb shank, pan-fried salmon or BBQ pork belly, sided with wine or beer

$91 $39

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From $39 for Choice of Korean BBQ Set Dinner Menu for Two People at Hwatu (From $59 Value)


Settle Korean cuisine cravings with a BBQ set dinner menu for two, fully-equipped with a choice of meats to grill tabletop & a slew of sides

$59 $39

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Charcoal Souvlaki, Small Chips and Drink Combo for One ($9) or Two People ($18) at Street Babs (Up to $36 Value)

Street Babs
South Melbourne

Sip on a can of soft drink and indulge in a lamb or chicken charcoal souvlaki, complemented with a small portion of chips

$18 $9

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900g of Chicken Wings + Fries and Drinks for Two ($24) or Four People ($44) at Chickilia West Melbourne (Up to $74)

Chickilia West Melbourne
West Melbourne

Duos can tuck into 900g of chicken wings served with a large portion of fries, and sip on a soft drink each

$37 $24

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Five-Course Mexican with Margaritas for Two ($39) or Six People ($109) at Tequila Mexican Restaurant (Up to $292 Value)

Tequila Mexican Restaurant
South Yarra

Taste buds take a trip to Mexico with a feast including frozen margaritas, nachos, tacos. taquitos, enchiladas, and desserts like churros

$106.10 $39

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Dumpling Feast for Two ($19) or Four People ($36) at Juicy Dumplings On Chapel (Up to $81 Value)

Juicy Dumplings On Chapel

Guests can satisfy their hunger feasting on Asian dumplings with meat or vegetarian fillings, followed by a shared portion of noodles

$40.50 $19

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$25 for $50, or $49 for $100 Toward Nepalese Food and Drink at Kathmandu Cottage

Kathmandu Cottage
West Melbourne

Customers can spend up to $100 on Nepalese food and drink, with menu options including treats such as onion bhaji, chicken tikka, and more

$50 $25

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Main Dish with Wine or Beer for 1 ($15), 2 ($29) or 4 People ($55) at Hotel Barkly (Up to $108 Value)

Hotel Barkly
St Kilda

Indulge in a choice of modern dishes, including options like chicken Parmigiana, rump steak or a salad, accompanied by a drink of choice

$27 $15

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