Melbourne Plastic Surgery

Laser Tattoo Removal: 10 ($39), 20 ($59) or 30 Minutes ($79) at Laser and Lashes (Up to $350 Value)

Laser and Lashes

Designed to completely erase tattoos over a series of treatments and can be used to fade tattoos to prepare skin for a new piece

$150 $39

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From $99 for PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal at First Impressions Laser Clinic, Collingwood (From $200 Value)

First Impressions Laser Clinic

Breakthrough laser tattoo removal technology helps remove inky errors with minimal downtime and requires fewer sessions than other methods

$200 $99

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Laser Hair Regrowth for Men and Women - Two ($99) or Four Sessions ($149) at Zahara Skin and Body (Up to $900 Value)

Zahara Skin and Body

This advanced laser hair regrowth system is designed to stimulate new hair growth and improve fine and thinning hair and alopecia conditions

$450 $99

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One-Hour Non-Surgical Facelift - One ($29) or Three Visits ($69) at Bio Functional Medical Clinic (Up to $360 Value)

Biological Functional Medical Clinic
Brunswick East

  • Designed to treat fine lines, promote collagen and even out skin tone
  • Can treat acne, scars, visible signs of eczema, melisma and rosacea
  • LED laser light colour therapy treatment can improve skin and muscle tightening, lifting, firmness and age rejuvenation
  • Bonus: Option 1 receives $50 off every 9 follow-up treatments totaling to a $450 reduction
  • Bonus: Option 2 receives $50 off every 7 follow-up treatments totaling to a $350 reduction
$120 $29

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Spider Vein Treatment on One ($129), Two ($229) or Three Areas ($299) at Medical Laser & IPL Clinic (Up to $2,500 Value)

Medical Laser and IPL Clinic


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  • Treat bothersome spider veins with laser technology
  • May minimise broken capillaries, rosacea and other vascular blemishes
  • Treat up to three 10cm² areas on the face, neck, legs, arms and abdomen
  • Non-invasive treatment with no downtime
$1,200 $129

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$129 for Professional Teeth Whitening at First Impressions Laser Clinic, Collingwood (Up to $290 Value)

First Impressions Laser Clinic

Blind passersby and send Morse code messages over long distances just by smiling with a professional laser teeth whitening treatment

$290 $129

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