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Yoga in Melbourne

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If you’re looking for an exercise that improves the mind, body and soul, you’ll love yoga. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, it balances exercise with relaxation, focusing on flexibility, strength and deep breathing. This isn’t a high intensity activity – though some forms of yoga will definitely get you sweaty. You’ll get a rush of endorphins and feel happier and healthier as a result. Give your physical and mental health a boost with our yoga vouchers in Melbourne.

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Melbourne yoga offers: things to know before you go

Yoga has plenty of benefits, from improving your flexibility and posture to boosting your wellbeing. Whether you're experienced or a beginner, understand more about this ancient form of exercise and where to do it in the city.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga is teeming with benefits for mental and physical health and is well known for helping induce a lovely sense of calm. In a fast-paced modern world that often leaves us feeling frazzled, yoga provides the chance to regain some inner peace and poise. Many people like to start or end their day with a yoga class as it restores balance to their lifestyle.

While there are several different styles of yoga, its core disciplines focus on:

  • Improving flexibility through stretching.
  • Meditation.
  • Breathing.
  • Mindfulness.

Most Melbourne yoga classes are based around these elements. In turn, this can improve muscle tone and posture, burn calories, lower blood pressure and more.

So, it's not just about bending your body into crazy shapes – yoga is also great for your peace of mind and smashing stress into oblivion.

Where are the best yoga classes in Melbourne?

Melbourne is buzzing with great yoga studios and classes – this is a city that takes its health seriously. There's plenty of choice and usually lots of excellent offers and discounts to be found. Here's a selection of a few favourite classes:

  • Bliss Yoga & Wellbeing is based in Fairfield and offers a selection of cheap yoga classes for everyone, from rookies right up to advanced level. If you're an early riser, the Dawn Flow at 6am will suit you.
  • Gokula House has sessions on hatha yoga and chi kung, and an overall focus on meditation. Search for frequent offers at this studio in Collingwood, including unlimited one-month passes.
  • Fauna Yoga is one of Melbourne's best-known yoga studios, not least because of its fantastic rooftop terrace that boasts awesome views of the city's Royal Botanic Gardens. Pretty special, especially as the sun rises.

Can I do yoga during pregnancy?

Yes, you can do yoga while pregnant. Taking yoga classes during pregnancy can be beneficial too, as it's a low impact, low intensity exercise that can help with relaxation.

There are some precautions to take, though. Make sure you tell your yoga instructor about your pregnancy – in the first trimester it's not necessarily obvious you're expecting. They will be able to advise on any stretches or poses to avoid.

Certain types of yoga are also best avoided during pregnancy. One example is bikram yoga, which is performed in a hot room. You may find specific yoga classes for pregnancy, otherwise just take care and listen to your body. If you find a pose uncomfortable, stop.

What different types of yoga are there?

There's more than one type of yoga – in fact, there are several. Not all classes in Melbourne are the same. Some of the most popular and common types of yoga include:

  • Hatha yoga – ideal for beginners, it's slow-paced and focuses on breathing.
  • Ashtanga yoga – a more demanding type, this involves performing standing and floor-based postures.
  • Bikram yoga – one of the best known, this type of yoga really gets you sweating, typically performed in a sauna-style studio.
  • Lyengar yoga – an all-round workout, here you perform poses and hold each one for a time.

Ready to sign up for a yoga class at a studio or gym near you to nail the downward dog poses? Find cheap yoga classes in Melbourne today.