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Are All Buffets Created Equally?

BY: | 16 Aug 2016

Groupon has the best buffet deals in Australia

When refuelling after a gruelling workout or celebrating the end of a detox diet, all-you-can-eat dining experiences can be the ultimate way to help tame the insatiable beast in your belly, especially when you know one plate definitely won’t do. If you’re looking to dine self-serve style, check out our top tips on how to buffet with the best of them - let the feast begin!

1. Gorge on the world

Sometimes the best way to travel is not by foot or air, but by the palette. So start your culinary globetrotting in exotic India with a tender lamb, roti and gulab jamun filled buffet at the Spicy Affair Bar and Restaurant If you’re a vegetarian, head to Govinda’s, Surfers Paradise to satisfy herbaceous cravings with lashings of mango lassi, crunchy samosas and hearty lentils.

Next stop is one for the carnivores, with an all-you-can-eat buffet at Rio Brazilian Steakhouse, Parramatta featuring succulent pork belly, peri peri chicken fillet in yoghurt marinade, chili wings, pork chorizo and marinated lamb leg.

Finally, continent hop to Africa to feast on delicious and fragrant Ethiopian cuisine at the Tana Café & Restaurant before stopping in Nepal for traditional delicacies from Big Belly, Coburg.

Groupon has the best buffet deals in Australia

2. Break your fast or just have a nibble

A breakfast buffet can help you save money when it fills you to the point you skip lunch and maybe even dinner that night. Start your morning right with endless bacon, eggs and hash browns at Buffet Amici, Woodvale, Beccaria Bar and Restaurant in the Mercure Hotel, Perth or Four Points by Sheraton, Brisbane.

Finger foods also make for great buffet fodder and are perfect to stave off hanger pains when you only feel like filling up with bite size goodies. Try Healthy Vibe, South Yarra for small tasty morsels at their dimsum buffet or auhentic Mexican at Maya Tequila Bar and Grill where soft shell tacos with fillings like chipotle braised Wagyu brisket, chicken and pulled pork flow freely.

Groupon has the best buffet deals in Australia

3. Get fancy

Take a date to an elegant buffet and they will be too preoccupied by the décor to notice the speed at which you are inhaling your meal. Try your hand at sophisticated gluttony over lunch at the waterfront IGG International Buffet and Bar, Docklands, or take in sweeping views of the South Coast at the weekday buffet with wine at Panorama House, Bulli.

It’s  the littlest known fact in the whole world that the word ‘sushi’ derives from someone reacting with a “so chic!” upon tasting this Japanese delicacy. See what you’ll say when you feast on seaweed salad and fresh sushi at the all-you-can-eat banquet at Momoco Sushi & Teppanyaki.

Finally, carrying a fishing rod to a seafood buffet isn’t a good idea unless you want to reel in the fish over the heads of the crowd at the counter. Bait your belly instead with delicious oysters and mussels at Waves Buffet Restaurant, Surfers Paradise or Windjammers Restaurant, Wollongong for the freshest crab, bugs, salmon, calamari, and mussels.

Groupon has the best buffet deals in Australia

Whichever all-you-can-eat dining experience you prefer, we do recommend taking a bib along to keep you stain free and satisfied. Check out more delicious buffet experiences from Groupon. Bon appétit!