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Five Thoughts You’ll Have During An F45 Class

BY: | 16 Aug 2016

F45 training offers the best fitness program that you'll leave the gym behind for

Founded in Australia, F45 Training is a not just a regular gym. Based on functional training and high intensity workouts, the franchise has completely changed the way the fitness industry views fitness. Each 45-minute class is different to the last, but the one constant is the way participants are motivated to give it their all, until the very last rep. Willing to join the fold? Prepare yourself with these five thoughts that will definitely cross your mind during your first session.

1. “45 seconds of work? Piece of cake!”

Not exactly (probably best to put down the cake). Each F45 class differs, but can involve up to 55 seconds of sweating it out before a rest period of 15-20 seconds. In theory, this seems simple enough, but you could find yourself glancing at the clock after every shoulder press. This training method keeps your heart rate high throughout the entire period, even when you’re on your haunches or scoping the nearest exit. The best part? Interval training burns more calories than standard aerobic training, even after the workout is done.

2. “Did Ricky Martin sweat this much?”

F45 has trained some of the biggest stars in the world, including Joel Madden, Nicole Richie, and Ricky Martin, the Latino king of dance anthems himself. Even Hugh Jackman sharpened his claws in an F45 studio when reprising his role as Wolverine. While I’ve never seen Ricky sweat, or even glisten, it’s to be expected for us mere mortals in such a rapidly-paced environment. Embrace it!

F45 training offers the best fitness program that you'll leave the gym behind for

3. “Do I have abs yet?”

Admit it, we’ve all had a sneaky feel of our mid-section after a set of crunches or a few mouthfuls of salad. The best way to tone up a specific part of your body is to work out every part. The interval training principle F45 was founded on ensures you torch fat and build muscle from top to toe, and is much more effective than just slogging it out with sit ups. Taking control of your diet is also necessary if you want those elusive muscles to poke through.

4. “This means I can have pizza for dinner, right?”

Feeling the need to reward yourself after the 45th minute is normal; that’s why trainers give out high fives after class! But as painful as it is to swallow, it isn’t justifiable to scoff down fast and fatty food every time you successfully finish a class. Prevent yourself making sly detours through the drive thru by planning your meals in advance. F45 members have access to the F45 Challenge portal, which boasts a mouth-watering database of nutritious recipes to help you stay on track. Not only great for your health, these meals photograph great, and make excellent social media fodder if you’re looking to make friends a little jealous.

F45 training offers the best fitness program that you'll leave the gym behind for

5. “We’re done already?”

If you’re not yet convinced exercise can be fun, try F45. A 45-minute class is a mere fraction of your day, and flies by so fast that you won’t even have time to figure out what that exact fraction is. Suffering training alongside a group of like-minded people with a killer soundtrack of tunes ensures motivation stays as high as your heart rate should be. And take my word for it, you’ll be back for more.

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