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Looking Good For Love On Valentine’s Day

BY: | 12 Feb 2017

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When it comes to glamming it up to impress your sweetheart on the most romantic day of the year, you don’t need a lot of time, an extreme makeover or a big budget to feel beautiful and make a lasting impression.

To help you get romance ready for February 14, we’ve asked Marie Mc Crystal Jones, owner of Perth-based luxury hair and beauty salon House of Ernest, for her top 3 tips. Oh, and she just happens to be a professional relationship expert too!

1) Indulge in the experience

According to Marie, it’s important to know what we want and spend time on ourselves, and Valentine’s Day offers the perfect excuse to do just that!

“Women love experiences, so set your partner up for success by letting them know what you’d like to do to celebrate together, take some time to play your favourite music for your loved one, pour a nice glass of wine, or even begin the day by making a yummy breakfast you can both enjoy. Sometimes it’s the little things you do that really add a lovely touch to the experience and can start your Valentine’s Day off on the right foot.”

2) Make an effort

Who hasn’t thought of, or undergone, a complete makeover before a special event? While it’s important to make an effort on Valentine’s Day to feel special and look good, Marie said a total overhaul is not always necessary.

“Having a new look is wonderful, but there are many small things you can do to look amazing on Valentine’s Day that don’t cost a fortune or will take up your whole day. For a quick change to turn your partner’s head, I’d suggest trying the opposite of what you usually do – so if you wear your hair up, try it down; if it’s usually straight, try some curls.

 “Braids are very on trend at the moment and are a quick way to look boho chic or elegant for your Valentine’s night out. You could also try a quick up do or have your hair toned a warmer or cooler colour – all affordable ideas that usually take under an hour.”

3) Start top, down

A sexy new pair of heels is usually on the shopping list for a Valentine’s Day date, but Marie advises starting at the top and working your way down, as your hair and face are likely to be more appreciated over the dinner table than your shoes.

“In addition to a quick, impressive hair style, a professional makeup session can add another layer of glamour to your beautiful Valentine’s Day look. Other time-friendly solutions targeting above the waist can be something as simple as a massage, a facial or a quick wax to reshape your eyebrows – a perfect treatment if you plan to spend many hours looking into your love’s eyes over dinner.”

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