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Out-of-the-Box Date Night Ideas

BY: | 16 Aug 2016


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Date night activities, not unlike bread left out of the freezer, can quickly become stale. Dinner and a movie are usually the go-to for couples, regardless of whether the relationship is brand new or decades old.

While this combination certainly makes for a pleasant evening, it’s important to shake things up every now and again so date night doesn’t begin to feel like a chore. Offering a fun, new alternative will not only impress your date but will keep you from falling asleep in your soup.

Here are our best out-of-the-box date night ideas to protect your face from hot liquid and impress a potential conquest or significant other.

1. Action-packed dates

Adrenaline-fuelled experiences are a great way for couples to venture out of their comfort zones. For first-daters, doing something fun together – such as sandboarding or abseiling – is great for bonding and helps to calm first date jitters by replacing them with adrenaline. Any date that involves minimal small talk is also A-OK in this writer’s opinion. Inject fun and excitement into long-term relationships with activities like paintball or go-karting.

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2. Art and culture dates

Art and culture dates are perfect for those people who can’t think of anything worse than donning a jumpsuit and shooting paintballs at the person they like. These slower-paced activities allow for more small talk and gentler contact. Couples just getting to know each other can learn about their respective interests and taste at an art gallery or a museum like the Powerhouse in Sydney.

Long-term lovers can broaden their cultural horizons together while enjoying a show at the Sydney Opera House. For extra brownie points, organise a trip to the Sydney Observatory to gaze at the stars together. How romantic. Sigh.

3. Live the high life for a day

Show your special someone how the other half live by splurging on a lavish experience. Pull up to their house in a luxury car, invite them aboard a chartered yacht or fly over the Hunter Valley in a helicopter. If it's a first date, you could even pretend these are possessions you own (although this may come back to haunt you on a second date).

4. Be a kid again

Take your partner on a trip down memory lane and revisit the things you loved doing as children. Spend hours playing arcade games, ride rollercoasters until you feel sick or fight for bragging rights on the putt putt golf course.

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5. Learn a new skill together

Feel the love grow as you embark on an educational journey. Pick up a new skill like chocolate, cheese or pizza-making and put them to use the next time you spend date night at home. If things don’t work out, you can always impress your next romantic conquest with the impressive skills you gained on that other date – although it’s probably best to keep that part to yourself.

6. Get your head in the game

If your partner’s perfect date night involves people in shorts chasing a ball, then buying tickets to the footy will be sure to get their heart all a-flutter. Splash out on an AFL VIP package and you will be kicking goals.

Alternatively, show your partner how much you care by actually participating in sport. Play a game of virtual golf which is made all the more enticing by the inclusion of a bucket of beers (note:  beers may affect your golfing skills).

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7. Retro date night

Channel Sandy and Danny from Grease on a date night with a retro twist. Take a trip to the drive-in cinema or have some good old-fashioned fun at the bowling alley. Wearing high-waisted leather pants and flying off in your car at the end of the evening is optional.

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