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Level 1, 7A Darryl Street, Scoresby, VICTORIA 3179 Directions

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Created in March 2010, Aliento has been supporting women of all ages and fitness levels to increase their health and wellbeing without the joint stressing, percussive impact associated with many gym workouts. Aliento is designed to assist women of all ages to create a leaner, stronger, more flexible and balanced body. If your objective is to increase functional fitness, tone, lose weight, improve core strength or reduce aches and pains, then Aliento can assist.

Their state of the art equipment, designed by leading European sports physiologists, provides an easier, gentler and safer approach to exercising than traditional gym environments. Shaping up has never been easier – no jumping, jolting or heavy lifting. Aliento’s environment is non-competitive, friendly and relaxed. Music is soothing, staff and clients are always welcoming and the studio is temperature controlled for client comfort. With personalised care and customised programmes for each client, it’s never been easier to feel fit, strong and healthy regardless of current condition.

See results in weeks not months.