Perth Cosmetic Procedures

Fat-Blasting Laser Lipo - 30-Minute ($49) or One-Hour Session ($79) at SABR Skin, Three Locations (Up to $1,400 Value)

Multiple Locations

Laser lipo sessions designed to reduce stubborn fat and cellulite and tighten skin; ideal for problem areas such as stomach and thighs

$700 $49

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$189 for Feather-Touch Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos at Jenn's Studio, Carlisle (Up to $440 Value)

Jenn's Studio

Get full, fashionable, and natural-looking brows with cosmetic tattoos designed to frame your face and eliminate the need for brow products

$440 $189

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Cryolipolysis Fat Removal on Two ($89), Four ($159) or Eight Areas ($299) at Sky Salon IPL (Up to $4,800 Value)

Sky Salon IPL

Give fat the flick with a non-surgical treatment that can offer a 25% reduction in the treated area, like the love handles or inner thighs

$1,200 $89

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections - 15 ($119), 30 ($229), or 45 ($339) Units at Cosmetique, Midland


Anti-wrinkle injections designed to assist in repairing wrinkles; aims to reduce fine lines and create a plumped effect


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30-Minute In-Chair LED Teeth Whitening - One ($29), Two ($49), Four Treatments ($89) at Clara Beauty (Up to $596 Value)

Clara Beauty

Each treatment uses LED technology and hydrogen peroxide to lighten teeth and reduce the appearance of stains caused by tobacco and red wine

$149 $29

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections - 25 ($109) or 50 Units ($199) at Medivive, Success



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From $35 for Vibration Training Sessions and Anti-Cellulite Massage at Vibra-Nation, Scarborough (From $150 Value)


Enjoy vibration training sessions, which aims at improving blood circulation and muscles, alongside an anti-cellulite massage

$150 $35

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Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation - Three ($89), Five ($129) or Ten Treatments ($249) at Clara Beauty (Up to $2,320 Value)

Clara Beauty

Treat the belly, thighs, calves or love handles; treatment aims to improve skin tightness and is measured with before and after photos

$900 $89

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30-Minute Teeth Whitening Treatment - One ($35), or Three Sessions ($89) at Sparkles R Us, Sinagra (Up to $225 Value)

Sparkles R Us

Enhance smiles with professional teeth whitening; minimise tobacco, red wine and coffee stains with an experienced team of experts

$75 $35

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Light Chemical Facial Peel - One ($29), Two ($55) or Three Visits ($79) at Cosmétique, Midland (Up to $360 Value)


Remove dead skin cells and address issues like acne and pigmentation with a non-invasive light peel that doesn’t require much recovery time

$120 $29

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Zoom Teeth Whitening ($249) or a Zoom Whitening Package for One ($299) or Two People ($589) at Altone Dental Centre

Altone Dental Centre

Get the movie star smile of your dreams with a Zoom whitening treatment, and opt to receive a cleaning, fluoride, and X-rays alongside


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Laser Lipo - Two ($99) or Eight Sessions ($319) at Light Aesthetics Skin and Body Clinic (Up to $1,299 Value)

Light Aesthetics Skin And Body Clinic
Southern River

Targeted, non-invasive treatment aiming to reduce fat, and improve muscle tone; designed to stimulate the skin’s collagen fibres

$600 $99

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$249 Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment, or $299 to Add Clean, Polish, and X-Ray at Darch Dental Centre

Darch Dental Centre

Get teeth looking white and bright after a Zoom teeth whitening treatment that’s safe and effective; opt to include a clean, polish + X-rays


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Anti-Wrinkle Injections - 25 Units ($99) or 35 Units ($139) at Cosmétique

Multiple Locations

Make use of up to 35 units of anti-wrinkle injections with treatment areas including forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet


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Venus Freeze Treatment - One ($79) or Two Visits ($149) at Hollywood Skin Cosmetics, East Perth (Up to $600 Value)

Hollywood Skin Cosmetics
East Perth

Aims to painlessly increase collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin as well as combat cellulite and circumferential fat

$300 $79

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From $59 for Laser Lipo on Two Areas at Award-Winning Charisma The House of Beauty, Stirling (From $350 Value)

Charisma Skin Studio

Break down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids with low levels of red laser light that can assist in inch loss and body contouring

$350 $59

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From $35 for In-Chair Teeth Whitening Treatment at Halo Hair Beauty and Spa, Clarkson (From $149 Value)

Halo Hair Beauty and Spa

Light the way with a smile that shines bright following a fuss-free in-chair whitening treatment, available for one or two people

$149 $35

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$1,999 for Six 45-Minute Sessions of 'Vanquish Fat Blaster' at Rejuva Cosmetic Clinic (Up to $4,200 Value)

Rejuva Cosmetic Clinic

Eliminate fat cells with a non-invasive selective RFTM™ system designed to deliver energy to your body which eradicates the cells

$4,200 $1,999

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Non-Surgical Face-Lift - One ($49) or Two Sessions ($95) at Advanced Aesthetic Concepts (Up to $200 Value)

Advanced Aesthetic Concepts Pty Ltd
Cockburn Central

If you long for the results of a face-lift but can’t bear the idea of surgery, CACI technology’s quick, easy treatment could be for you

$100 $49

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$999 for Four-Month Hair Restoration Treatment at Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions, Mt. Pleasant (Up to $2,650 Value)

Renaissance Hair Loss Solutions
Mt. Pleasant

Feel the breeze blow through your hair once more following four months of personalised hair restoration treatment for men or women

$2,650 $999

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SYDNEY: $2,899 for Nu-Lase™ Laser Vision Correction on Both Eyes at Northern Laser Vision Centre

Northern Laser Vision Centre

  • Treat conditions such as short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism
  • Utilises the Surface Laser Ablation technique with a non-heat-generating laser
  • Wavefront mapping provides a customised and objective standardized evaluation of the optics of the eye in order to detect minor aberrations
  • Cornea is not cut during this less-invasive procedure
  • Feel comfortable with anaesthetic eye drops
  • Includes medications, two preoperative consultations and two follow-up checks

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