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Massage in Perth

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Perth massage deals: things to know before you go

A massage can help relax your muscles and lower your stress levels. Check out these answers to some common questions before finding the best massage vouchers near you.

Where can I find the best full body massage in Perth?

Perth has host of spas and beauty salons offering full body massage treatments. Whether you're in the city centre, closer to the coast by Fremantle or in the surrounding suburbs, you'll find massage vouchers at these top beauty salons:

What does massage do for the body?

City life, even in easy-going Perth, can be full on with juggling your job, social life and family. Many people take some time out by having a massage, which can revitalise your mind and body – giving you a little time to look after yourself. Massage therapy can help:

  • Relieve stress – reducing the stress hormone (cortisol) by around one-third. Massage also increases the levels of serotonin, sometimes called the ‘happy chemical', while boosting the immune system and blood flow.
  • Detox muscles and joints – a massage flushes out all the toxins in your body, relieving pain.
  • Relax the mind – not only are massages great for the body, they also relax your mind, giving you a break from daily stresses.

Even if you don't feel stressed out before a massage, believe us when we say you'll definitely feel the benefits of our massage deals in Perth. Find out more about some of the most popular massage styles.

How often should I get a massage?

Generally speaking, the more active you are, the more beneficial it is get a regular massage. You're more likely to benefit from a massage if you:

  • Lead a very active lifestyle
  • Have high stress levels
  • Suffer sports injuries

With cheap Perth massages available, our 70% off vouchers mean you might be able to get one a bit more frequently than you think.

What is a Thai massage?

Thai massage is a longstanding eastern style of massage that focuses on your Sen (energy channels). It's an active style of massage that's designed to energise your body by working on your Sen, rather than relaxing your body – so don't expect to lay down and chill out. Thai massage can:

  • Boost energy levels. It's the perfect type of massage for early mornings or for an energy boost at the weekend. With yoga-style stretches combined with pressure that is applied by the practitioner to stretch and massage your body.
  • Increase flexibility. Thai massage rejuvenates your muscles while stimulating your nervous and lymphatic systems – boosting your body's flexibility. This is why Thai massage is preferred by many athletes and sports professionals.
  • Awaken the senses. Once your energy channels have been restored your mind will feel clear and refreshed. This is particularly important if you lead a busy life – at home or at work.