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Afternoon Tea & Cafe in Sydney

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Sydney afternoon tea & café offers: things to know before you go

Before you start searching through the raft of offers available, find out what you need to know before picking out the best high tea deals in Sydney.

What different types of coffee can I get in Sydney?

Starting your day well requires the right brew, so knowing what coffee to choose is of vital importance – luckily,Sydney has plenty of cheap cafes for coffee lovers near you.

The usual suspects such as a latte, cappuccino and espresso are all widely available. Other favourites taking Sydney by storm include the following blends:

  • Vienna – coffee with whipped cream on top.
  • Flat White – smoother milk used rather than froth.
  • Long Black – two shots of espresso mixed with hot water.
  • Affogato – vanilla ice cream or gelato topped with espresso.

Whether you're looking for a coffee-to-go or a place to kick back and chill, a wide range of cafés in Sydney offer great deals to get you started. Most will offer up a multitude of fantastic, tasty coffees, including cold brews – a God-send in a warm arvo.

Where can I get breakfast in Sydney?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, setting you up perfectly for a family day out or a spot of shopping. With so many cafés to choose between, it can be difficult to select the perfect setting. From a tasty acai bowl on the beach to a slap up sydney cafe style brunch, the city serves up some seriously sweet eats.

In the city centre, you're spoilt for choice. Next to Darling Harbour you'll find a selection of cafés offering a hearty breakfast, ideal before exploring the Maritime Museum. At Simplicity Café and Café Noir you can enjoy your breakfast as you gaze out at fantastic views over the harbour.

For beach lovers, The Bagel Co isn't far from Bondi Beach, so you can munch on some brunch before going surfing. Even if you plan on visiting Sydney's Aquarium, or walking up to Mrs Macquarie's Chair, you can find nearby cafés for breakfast.

What types of tea are available in Sydney cafés?

Most cafés in Sydney offer a wide range of tea, including straightforward black tea, fruit infusions, and classic afternoon tea packages.

Many tea flavours are growing in popularity across Sydney and Australia, such as Thai, Jasmine, rose and fruit teas. While you can always get a black or milky tea, why not try one of the more exotic flavours next time you visit?

If you're celebrating a special occasion, like a hen party, afternoon tea is a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones. A few options include:

  • Sailmaker Hyatt Regency – perfect for traditional afternoon tea, this place treats you to a dessert buffet and a variety of scones, complemented with a glass of sparkling wine.
  • Zaaffran – best for Indian afternoon tea with a savoury twist, this restaurant is known for its delicious chef's choices.

Which is the oldest café in Sydney?

In the 1940s the oldest café in Sydney opened its doors – Piccolo Bar. It was only in 1952 the café became known as Piccolo Bar, located in Kings Cross, not far from central Sydney. It closed its doors for a few years, but reopened in 2017.

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