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Restaurants in Sydney

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Restaurant deals in Sydney: things to know before you go

Before you book a table at one of the many delicious restaurants in Sydney, find out more about the city's wonderful restaurant scene, from where to find the best sushi to the most romantic restaurants for a date night.

Where are the best Sydney restaurants for families?

Finding good restaurants where the little ones are welcome isn't hard in a liveable city like Sydney. However, sometimes it's good to know your stuff before booking a table and turning up with an army of little ones in tow. To help you out, we've listed some of the best family-friendly restaurants in Sydney:

  • Caminetto Italian restaurant: This restaurant can seat up to 300, so you won't need to feel like your kids are intruding on people's evenings. With the relaxed atmosphere, authentic recipes and live entertainment on offer, this is the ideal place for family dining with a little extra.
  • Kokoroya: It's not often a Japanese restaurant has such a family-friendly vibe, but Kokorova is designed to help parents out with a play area located next to the dining space to keep the little ones entertained.
  • Capriccio Osteria e Bar: Another laid-back Italian restaurant, ideal for bringing kids along, this restaurant has a sophisticated kid's menu, so your children will be dining out on mini me versions of your own delicious plates rather than being stuck with fish fingers and burgers.
  • Coogee Pavilion: This restaurant is renowned as a family friendly bistro in Sydney. With oversized games like Scrabble and an in-house theatre, this is more than just a place to eat – it's a whole family night out, all under one roof.

What must I eat in Sydney?

If you're an absolute foodie, then there's plenty of delicacies you have to sample in Sydney, including:

  • Spice Alley, where you'll be transported to the East with delectable plates of authentic Thai, Japanese and Chinese delights. Nestled near the CBD, this is a popular place for affordable, tasty food.
  • The signature meat pie is a must have in the city. From beef pies to chicken and mushroom, you can find one with just about any filling under the sun in Sydney.
  • Malaysian food is big in Sydney. From Upperroom Restocafe in the centre to Mamaks on the harbour, you can sample authentic dishes around most corners – you'll be spoiled for choice!
  • It would be sacrilege to live in Sydney and not dine in a seafood restaurant. The Sydney Fish Market is the biggest in the Southern hemisphere, so you can guarantee all of the surrounding restaurants are stocked with the freshest catch of the day, plucked straight from the sea.
  • Japanese cuisine is also a big hit in the bustling city, with fresh sushi, wagyu beef and fun dessert options like matcha ice cream in abundance.
  • Hubert. Sydney's answer to french cuisine is nestled in the downtown area of the city and serves up some of the finest wine and delicious dishes.

How many restaurants are there in Sydney?

The results are in, Aussie's are eating out two to three times a week according to Future Food.

With 85,000 restaurants in Australia, you can only imagine how many Sydney restaurants there are nestled away waiting for you to try. Plus, with every cuisine imaginable, from Asian and Indian to Mexican and Mediterranean, you can sample the tastes of the entire world without ever leaving the city.

Where can I eat kangaroo in Sydney?

Living in Australia means you've got to sample some of the local fare, and kangaroo is up there as one of the top foods you're encouraged to try in the city.

Meat District Co has garnered rave reviews for its roo, served up with terrific truffle mash potato. Or, if you fancy being more adventurous, there's also a crocodile burger on the menu to try.