Sydney Chinese

10-Course Yum Cha for One ($19), Four ($70) or Eight People ($132) at Award-Winning Emperor's Garden (Up to $360 Value)

Emperor's Garden Seafood Restaurant

Keep the tastebuds guessing with 10 authentic Chinese morsels, including a BBQ pork bun, XO string beans, pork dim sim and custard tart

$45 $19

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Chinese Simmer Pot Feast with Bottle of Wine for Two ($62) or Four People ($107) at Simmer Huang, CBD (Up to $181 Value)

Simmer Huang

Treat your taste buds to a royal feast with a traditional Chinese simmer pot plus handmade noodles cooked and prepared right in front of you

$101.60 $62

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Chinese Banquet with Drinks for Two ($38), Four ($75) or Six People ($112) at Ni Hao Chinese Cuisine (Up to $194 Value)

Ni Hao Chinese Cuisine

Share around several Chinese dishes, like a steaming hot pot with beef or seafood, and a chicken, beef or vegetable dish with rice

$64.70 $38

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$9.80 Traditional Chinese Noodle, Dumpling or Rice Lunch and Tea at Chili Drama Restaurant, Burwood (Up to $15.80 Value)

Chilli Drama Restaurant

Choose from over 20 different noodle, dumpling, and rice dishes for lunch; plenty of vegetarian and non-spicy options available

$15.80 $9.80

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AYCE Chinese Hotpot for Two ($49) or Six People ($139) at Red Lantern Hot Pot & BBQ Restaurant (Up to $285 Value)

Red Lantern Hot Pot & BBQ Restaurant

Over 70 hotpot ingredients to choose from including prawns, mussels, fish fillet and beef rolls; choose from six broth types and 14 sauces

$94.98 $49

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Live Mud Crab with Rice and Wine for Two ($75) or Four ($119) at Chef's Dynasty Seafood Restaurant (Up to $198.60 Value)

Chefs Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Enjoy an entrée such as prawn dumplings or spring rolls, before tucking into the main course of freshly cooked mud crab with wine

$121.80 $75

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$48 Traditional Sichuan Dining with Barramundi Stone Pot for Two at Chilli Drama Restaurant, Burwood (Up to $73 Value)

Chilli Drama Restaurant

Give into the warming comforts of Sichuan-style cuisine with a banquet menu that boasts a barramundi stone pot as its pièce de résistance

$73.20 $48

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Seven-Dish Chinese Banquet for Two ($49) or Four People ($98) at The Grasshopper, CBD (Up to $152 Value)

The Grasshopper

Sate any appetite with pickled cucumbers, eggplant, braised pork, chicken wings, sweet and sour pork, seasonal greens and fried rice

$76 $49

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10-Dish Yum Cha Banquet for Two ($39), Four ($77), Six ($115) or Ten People ($185) at Fat Buddha (Up to $428 Value)

Fat Buddha

Head to the iconic QVB for a Cantonese feast with dishes like shredded chicken fried rice, chicken spring rolls, and Shanghai pork dumplings

$85.59 $39

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Two-Course Dinner with Cocktails for Two ($59) or Four People ($117) at Luyu & Yum Yum, Newtown (Up to $210 Value)

Luyu & Yum Yum

Scale a hidden staircase off King Street and enter into a world of delicate Asian dishes, made even more mystical with a cocktail each

$105 $59

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Chinese Banquet for Two ($75) or Four People ($149) at The Dynasty, Belmore (Up to $230 Value)

The Dynasty

$115 $75

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8-Course Banquet for Two People ($59), including Peking Duck Served Three Ways at Zilver Restaurant, Bondi ($121 Value)

Zilver Restaurant Bondi
Bondi Junction

Feast on freshly roasted Peking duck prepared in an array of styles, sliced table side, with steamed pancakes, and diced in san choy bow

$120.90 $59

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Three-Course Chinese Dinner with Wine for Two ($84) or Four ($165) at Bluestone Chinese and Malaysian (Up to $365 Value)

Bluestone Chinese and Malaysian Cuisine

Diners can enjoy a diverse selection of Asian food including sprawn dumplings, chicken dim sim, and more to savour over a bottle of wine

$182.25 $84

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All-You-Can-Eat Hot Pot + Drink for Two ($55), Four ($109) or Six ($160) at 2011 Hotpot Seafood Restaurant (Up to $312)

2011 Hotpot Seafood Resturant

Up to six diners can enjoy an all-you-can-eat hot pot meal accompanied by soft drink or beer at this Chinese restaurant in Parramatta

$104 $55

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