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Dental deals in Sydney: things to know before you go

Does the prospect of visiting the dentist fill you with dread? Let us calm your fears by answering a few common questions about your dental deal.

Does Medicare cover dental?

Medicare only covers basic types of dental treatment which are considered urgent or essential – so most dental work costs extra. Generally, examinations and treatments aren't covered, and there may be limits on scaling, polishing and more cosmetic procedures.

Before you book any of our dental deals, check whether you are covered by Medicare but be prepared that you may well have to arrange and fund a visit to the dentist independently. Don't worry though – we have a range of dental offers giving you up to 70% off.

Where can I get dental help?

When you need healthcare for your teeth, browse our list of Sydney dental practices, which provide an extensive range of treatments and dental care packages. Our top merchants include:

  • Martin Place Dental Clinic. Located in the heart of Sydney's CBD, here you'll find a full range of dental care services. The package includes check-ups and X-rays to check the condition of your teeth, followed by a scale and polish to give them that gleaming shine.
  • Sydney Smiles Dentist. Based in Strathfield, this practice provides affordable dental care with X-rays, scale, cheap dental fillings, polish and fluoride treatment. Book for one or two people and enjoy quality care from an expert team.

View our full list of dentists in Sydney here.

How much are veneers in Australia?

Veneers cost big bucks the world over. The price of a porcelain veneer in Sydney can set you back as much as up to $2,000, while a composite veneer is around $600 depending on where you go.

Dental veneers are so expensive because they instantly give the appearance of a perfect smile. Thin pieces of porcelain that are shaped and fixed to teeth to help improve their colour and appearance with a number of different shades of white available to choose from. While they can help to cover a damaged tooth or simply serve to make your teeth look better, they're one of the more expensive types of dental treatment.

If you need veneers fitted, it's worth looking at dental deals near you as they can numb the pain of a hefty dentist's bill.

How much is a tooth filling and removal in Sydney?

The price of tooth filling and removal can vary a lot depending on the dentist you visit. A filling might cost anywhere between $100 and $300, and the same range for extraction. Wisdom tooth removal might be more expensive as the process can be a bit more tricky.

We'd recommend checking out the following dental practices:

  • Crown Dental Surgery located close to Chatswood station, on Spring Street, here you'll get all your filling and tooth removal needs sorted in the blink of an eye. It offers a broad range of dental services including veneers, Invisalign and custom mouth guards.
  • Bentleigh Dental Care get your teeth repaired in style at this boutique dentist in Chatswood, where you can get implants, extractions and cosmetic dentistry. Make your smile sparkle even more with teeth whitening also available.