Sydney Weight Loss

Endermologie Cellulite Treatment - One ($69), Three ($199) or Five Sessions ($329) at MichelleZbeauty (Up to $745 Value)


Become a sleeker and more sculpted you with a non-invasive treatment that tightens skin in problem areas by reducing the fluid retention

$149 $69

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From $29 for a Face Endermolift or Body Lipomassage Session at BIO Beauty Inside Out, Double Bay (From $105 Value)

BIO Beauty Inside Out
Double Bay

Lipomassage endermologie session breaks down fat cells and targets stubborn fat; face endermolift improves skin quality and brightens skin

$105 $29

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Fat Cavitation - Three ($69) or Six Sessions ($129) at Shirley Beauty Clinic, Chatswood (Up to $894 Value)

Shirley Beauty Clinic

Zap away fat from the chin, stomach, muffin top, back, hips and arms with a non-surgical and non-invasive fat cavitation treatment

$447 $69

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Lipomassage Cellulite and Fat Reduction - One ($39) or Five Sessions ($179) at Skin Sanctuary (Up to $450 Value)

Skin Sanctuary

20-minute body lipomassage session designed to break down stubborn fat & cellulite in problem areas like buttocks, stomach, legs, upper arms

$90 $39

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Fat-Freezing Session on One ($129), Two ($249) or Three Areas ($349) at MJ NAILS AND BEAUTY (Up to $1,300 Value)


Technicians target problem areas to reduce stubborn fat and reshape body contours without causing any damage to the skin

$600 $129

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From $39 for Fat Cavitation Treatment at Burwood Paramedical Skin Body Beauty (From $99 Value)

Burwood Paramedical Skin Body Beauty
, Burwood

Remove excess weight with a cavitation lipolysis session; non-invasive treatment helps the body naturally get rid of fatty acids

$99 $39

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3D Lipo RF Skin Tightening + Slim Wrap: 2 ($89) or 6 Sessions ($199) at Beauty Unique Clinic Slim Express (Up to $1,800)

Beauty Unique Clinic (Slim Express)

Enjoy the benefits of a skin tightening procedure with none of the downtime that comes with invasive surgery, and a bonus body wrap on top

$600 $89

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4-Session Naturopathic Weight Loss + Detox Programme: 1 ($59) 2 People ($109) at Body Haven Massage (Up to $480 Value)

Body Haven Massage (New Owner)
Body Haven Massage

Promote weight loss with a four-session programme designed to boost metabolism and digestion with natural remedies like massage and cupping

$240 $59

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$49 for a One-Hour Body Wrap with Anti-Cellulite Infrared and Gel Treatment at Skin and Slim (Up to $95 Value)

Skin and Slim
Concord West

  • Infrared radiation bands are applied on the skin, which heats the layer below and breaks down fat
  • Designed to improve body shape, body size, and body contour
  • Anti-cellulite treatment works through improving blood circulation
  • Treatment is designed to improve skin quality and appearance
  • BONUS: $10 to use on products in-store
$95 $49

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Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Laser Lipo - Two ($89), Four ($169) or Eight Treatments ($315) at Me Me (Up to $1,032 Value)

Me Me
Bondi Junction

Targeted, non-invasive treatment aiming to reduce fat, and improve muscle tone; designed to stimulate the skin’s collagen fibres

$258 $89

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3D Lipo Fat Cavitation - 2 ($79), 4 ($129), 6 ($189) or 8 Sessions ($219) at Beauty Unique Clinic (Up to $2,000 Value)

Beauty Unique Clinic

Aims to reduce fat, cellulite and tighten skin in a non-surgical way that is an effective and pain-free way to get rid of unwanted body fat

$500 $79

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Three Hypoxi Weightloss Sessions for One ($79) or Two People ($158) at Hypoxi Studio Bankstown (Up to $338 Value)

HYPOXI Studio Bankstown

Fight stubborn excess kilos with the help of Hypoxi machines that use vacuum and compression tech to target cellulite, stomach, and thighs

$189 $79

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Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation - One ($49), Two ($79) or Three Sessions ($99) at Clinical Perfection (Up to $360 Value)

Clinical Perfection

Purge fat naturally by breaking down fat cells; helps to rejuvenate skin and reduce cellulite; no downtime required

$120 $49

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Cell-IQ™ Fat Reduction - One ($49), Three ($129) or Five Sessions ($199) at Rockdale Laser and Beauty (Up to $495 Value)

Rockdale Laser and Beauty

The non-invasive treatment targets stubborn fat in an area like the buttocks or arms, which is then converted to energy after exercise

$99 $49

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Endermolift+RF Skin Tightening Treatment - 1 ($105), 2 ($209) or 3 ($309) at BIO Beauty Inside Out (Up to $885 Value)

BIO Beauty Inside Out
Double Bay

Combination of two non-invasive treatments aim to boost collagen and elastin for skin tightening and anti-ageing

$295 $105

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Laser Liposlimming on Two Areas - Two ($89), Four ($169) or Six Sessions ($239) at Best of Beauty (Up to $1,794 Value)

Best of Beauty
Best of Beauty (OLD NAME: Cosmetic Tattoo Queen)

Aids in removing cellulite and fat to produce tighter skin; treat areas ranging from the stomach to hips, thighs, arms and back

$598 $89

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$35 for an Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Treatment or $49 with Sauna Session at Lavish Medi Spa (Up to $100 Value)

Lavish Medi Spa
Fairfield Heights

Strive to beat the bulge with and non-surgical and non-invasive treatment designed to break down stubborn fat cells using ultrasound waves

$70 $35

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One Session of Fat Cavitation on One ($149), or Three Areas ($319) at The Ivy Cosmetic Clinic (Up to $1,800 Value)

The Ivy Cosmetic Clinic - Moorebank

Along with a healthy diet and exercise, fat cavitation aims to tackle pesky trouble spots, such as love handles, stomach, and thighs

$600 $149

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One Fat Cavitation Session on One ($149) or Two Areas (269) at Manea Exquisite, Merrylands (Up to $269 Value)

Manea Exquisite

Fat cavitation treatments aim to contour your figure by reducing pockets of fat from various areas like upper arms, hips, and thighs

$299 $149

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