Slim Bodies 3-Week Weight Loss Program: Pickup ($39) or Delivery ($49) (Up to $178.99 Value)

Slim Bodies Weight Loss
Mermaid Beach

Assists with weight loss, detoxing and cleansing the body; comes with calorie-controlled diet plan and a homeopathic Slim Bodies oral spray

$169 $39

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Cryolipolysis on Two ($89), Four ($159), Six ($249) or Eight Areas ($299) at Sky Salon (Up to $4,800 Value)

Sky Salon

This treatment is designed to help contour bodies using the power of low temperatures and can be used on areas such as abdomen and thighs

$1,200 $89

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From $59 for Laser Lipo on Two Areas at Award-Winning Charisma Skin Studio (From $700 Value)

Charisma Skin Studio

Break down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids with low levels of red laser light that can assist in body contouring

$700 $59

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Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation - Three ($89), Five ($129) or Ten Treatments ($249) at Clara Beauty (Up to $2,320 Value)

Clara Beauty

Treat the belly, thighs, calves or love handles; treatment aims to improve skin tightness and is measured with before and after photos

$900 $89

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Cellulite Reduction Therapy: One ($89), Three ($259) or Five Sessions ($439) at Clara Beauty (Up to $1,500 Value)

Clara Beauty

Get a smoother skin and a more toned silhouette thanks to up to five sessions of this cellulite reduction therapy on a choice of area

$300 $89

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Laser Lipolysis on One Area - 2 ($59), 7 ($159) or 8 Visits ($179) at O'Hara Skin & Body Clinic (Up to $1,050 Value)

O'Hara Skin & Body Clinic
Southern River

This targeted, non-invasive treatment aims to reduce fat and improve muscle tone; designed to stimulate the skin’s collagen fibres

$300 $59

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Three ($89) or Five Sessions ($145) of Fat Cavitation on One Area at Body Magik (Up to $399 Value)

Body Magik

Designed to revitalise figures and sculpt the body, this treatment can target areas such as the abdomen, upper arms or thighs

$297 $89

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Full-Face Skin Needling: One ($99) or Two Sessions ($179) at Jenn's Studio (Up to $578 Value)

Jenn's Studio
East Victoria Park

Customers can benefit from one or two sessions of this advanced skin needling treatment, designed to improve the skin’s condition

$289 $99

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2 ($69), 4 ($135), 6 ($199), or 8 ($269) Fat Cavitation Sessions at Halo Hair Beauty and Spa (Up to $3160 Value)

Halo Hair Beauty and Spa

Make a step towards a more lean body this summer with two, four six or eight fat cavitation sessions, targeting major problem zones

$790 $69

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