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Trampoline & Bouncy Castle in Sydney

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Trampoline & bouncy castle deals in Sydney: things to know before you go

Make sure you're properly warmed up and stretched out so you're ready to bounce. Then check out these answers to some frequently asked questions around Sydney's trampoline park deals before you get going.

What are the benefits of trampolining?

While many people love hitting the gym, trampolining can provide a more gentle workout. Jumping is a natural movement that doesn't put as much pressure on the joints as some other forms of exercise and sports. This makes it a good way to get back into exercise if you're recovering from an injury or fancy something less strenuous.

Other benefits include:

  • Cardio exercise – all that bouncing around will get that heart pumping, helping keep you fit and healthy.
  • Increased strength – jumping strengthens bones and joints without putting too much strain on your legs.
  • Muscle growth – leaping is a legs workout which helps to tone up your thigh and calf muscles.

Is it OK to wear shoes on a trampoline?

It is generally not safe to wear shoes on a trampoline. It's much safer for yourself, and others, to go shoeless – as you're able to feel the material beneath your feet and maintain better balance. Jumping barefoot on a trampoline also stimulates your nervous system, which can improve immunity.

In any case, most of the trampoline parks in Sydney implement a ‘socks only' policy. Wearing shoes can damage the fabric of the trampoline, as well as increasing the risk of potential accidents. Besides, it is much more fun, and better for you, to bounce without.

How much does it cost to go trampolining?

Costs can differ depending on how long you want to go for and the size of the venue. Typically, an hour in a trampoline park should cost around $8, making it one of the cheaper kids' activities to keep your children entertained.

Many indoor centres in Sydney offer deals and discounts with Groupon on group bookings, party bookings and classes. This makes it an affordable way to exercise, celebrate or simply keep your kids entertained on a rainy afternoon.

Can adults go trampolining?

Of course, there are heaps of places where adults can get in on the fun too. Many of the trampoline parks in Sydney have adult areas or adult only timeslots – ideal for living your best life kid-free. Here are a few of the best places big kids and adults can bounce, too:

  • Flip Out Prestons the first and largest trampoline park in Oz, the west Sydney branch of Flip Out was the company's first. Adults can enjoy the trampolines, as well as joining one of the many fitness and agility classes here.
  • Sky High Indoor Trampoline Park located in Bankstown, this indoor play centre has everything you need for keeping fit on the bounce. There's a climbing wall, separate area for the little ones and a foam assault course.
  • Sky Zone Miranda – this two-storey trampoline complex is among the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. There are over 100 trampolines, though if that isn't enough to have you jumping for joy, there is also an indoor rock-climbing wall and ninja warrior-style course.