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If you are looking for an excellent ethnic meal, check out this Groupon deal for coupons to a Lebanese restaurant in Perth. As the capital of Western Australia, Perth is a diverse and bustling city. Take a break from the business of city life and use a coupon to sit down with friends and family to enjoy some of the greatest food the Middle East has to offer. Lebanese food makes use of garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice. If you are a vegetarian in Perth, a coupon for Lebanese food would be perfect for you, as the cuisine offers many fruit and vegetable dishes. Lebanese is also great for the health nuts in Perth, as most dishes are baked, grilled, or sauteed in olive oil rather than butter and unhealthy creamy sauces. You could use your coupons in Perth to try an assortment of Lebanese mezze plates, which are small dishes that could be eaten as appetizers. You could even get enough mezze plates to create a meal full of variety. Lebanese restaurants in Perth are great for groups, so all your friends should get a coupon to enjoy a cheaper meal. You can end your meal by using your coupon to get some of the best coffee in Perth, which is a variation of Turkish coffee. The coffee is often rich, unsweetened, and flavored with cardamom. If you are looking for a great Lebanese meal in Perth, get your coupons from Groupon before they are all gone!
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  • Award-Winning Lunch with Wine

    Lunch with Wine for Two ($49) or Four People ($95) at Award-Winning Revolving C Restaurant, CBD (Up to $192 Value)

    Deal ends: 14/12/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • 8-Course Japanese Omakase

    Eight-Course Japanese Omakase for Two ($39) or Four People ($77) at Kome Restaurant, Subiaco (Up to $170 Value)

    Deal ends: 27/11/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Tasty Thai in the CBD

    $39 for Two-Course Thai Dining for Two People at Bangkok On William, CBD (Up to $76 Value)

    Deal ends: 30/11/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Burger + Chips with Wine

    Burger and Chips with Wine or Beer for One ($12) or Two People ($22) at Pirate Bar, Joondanna (Up to $50 Value)

    Deal ends: 27/11/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Malaysian Breakfast with Drinks

    Malaysian Breakfast with Drinks for One ($6.50), Two ($12) or Four People ($23) at Ah Beng Kopitiam (Up to $46 Value)

    Deal ends: 27/11/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
  • Oui! French High Tea + Sparkling

    French-Inspired High Tea with Sparkling Wine for Two ($49) or Four People ($89) at La Monakella, CBD (Up to $180 Value)

    Deal ends: 28/12/2014 | 16:59 Buy Details
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