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Eyelash Extensions in Melbourne

Discover great Eyelash Extensions deals near you


Get those long, curled and ultra glamorous eyelashes, you’ve always dreamed of and save money in the process with deals from Groupon. Melbourne is a city where making an impression matters, so make sure to hunt down the best deals for eyelash extensions and get a look that will turn heads. Whether you’re looking for synthetic, silk or mink eyelashes, you can be selfie-ready all day, everyday, without the need for mascara. Get the full Kardashian Insta-ready look or fill in your lashes to add volume when you discover deals on eyelash extension near you.

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Brow Shape & Tint ($15), or Lash Lift & Tint ($39), or Brow & Lash Pkg ($49) at Queen B, Nails skin & Beauty (Up to $70)
Eyebrow Shape and Tint
Melbourne 2.1 km
$30.00 from $15.00
50% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Classic ($54), Semi-Volume ($64) or 3D Volume ($84) at Ra Beauty (Up to $140 Value)
Classic Eyelash Extensions
Frankston 39.0 km
$90.00 from $54.00
40% discount_off
Lash Extensions: Classic 60 ($39), 80 ($49) or 100 Set ($59); Russian Volume Natural ($69) or Full Set ($85) @ Vana Lash
Classic Set of Lash Extensions
Melbourne 0.2 km
$79.00 from $39.00
50% discount_off
Silk Eyelash Extensions: Natural-Effect ($39), Classic ($49) or Volume ($59) at Lashmatic (Up to $99 Value)
Silk Eyelash Extensions
Abbotsford 2.8 km
$79.00 from $39.00
50% discount_off
From $39 for a Full Set of Silk Eyelash Extensions at Oriental Beauty Code, Docklands (From $79 Value)
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions
Oriental Beauty Code 1.5 km
$130.00 from $69.00
46% discount_off
$49 for Complete Natural Set of Eyelash Extensions at Skin & Laser Mount Waverley (Up to $120 Value)
Complete Natural Set of Eyelash Extensions
Mt Waverley 17.5 km
$120.00 $49.00
59% discount_off
Natural Set of Faux Mink Extensions ($49) or 3D Extensions ($99) at Crescent Beauty Salon, CBD (Up to $230 Value)
Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions
Melbourne City 0.6 km
$108.00 from $49.00
54% discount_off
Lash Lift and Tint ($39) or Classic Full Set of Silk or Mink-Effect Lash Extensions ($49) at J-iBrowBeauty (Up to $120)
Eyelash Lift and Tint
Melbourne 0.4 km
$90.00 from $39.00
56% discount_off
$49 for Full Set of 80-Piece Silk or Mink-Effect Eyelash Extensions at Ain Beauty (Up to $120 Value)
80-Piece Eyelash Extensions
Melbourne 0.7 km
$120.00 from $49.00
59% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Classic $39, Hybrid $49, or Russian Volume - Natural $59 or Full Set $59, Madame Beauty Bar
Eyelash Extensions
South Melbourne 2.3 km
$99.00 from $39.00
60% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions with Mobile Service - Classic ($39) or 3D Russian Volume ($69) from Lashlicious (Up to $179 Value)
Lash Extensions - Mobile Service
$179.00 from $69.00
61% discount_off
$49 for a Lash Lift and Lash and Brow Tint at Oriental Beauty Code, Docklands (Up to $85 Value)
Lash Lift with Lash and Brow Tint
Oriental Beauty Code 1.5 km
$85.00 $49.00
42% discount_off
Light ($25), Natural-Effect ($45) or Extreme Lash Extensions ($65), Victoria Studio Lash Port Melbourne (Up to $200 Val)
Eyelash Extensions
Port Melbourne VIC 3.2 km
$110.00 from $25.00
77% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Classic Natural ($39) or Russian Volume Set ($69) at Balwyn Beauty (Up to $170 Value)
Eyelash Extensions
Balwyn North 11.2 km
$170.00 from $69.00
59% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Classic ($49) or 3D Volume ($69) at Amore Nails (Up to $140 value)
Eyelash Extensions
Croydon 28.2 km
$100.00 from $49.00
51% discount_off
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions: Natural Hybrid ($49) or Volume ($59) at Nourish Day Spa (Up to $135 Value)
Natural Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
Olinda 35.6 km
$99.00 from $49.00
50% discount_off
Lash Extensions: Natural-Effect Silk $49, Glamorous Silk $49 or 3D Faux Mink $59 at M Element Beauty (Up to $110 Value)
Natural-Effect Lash Extensions
Preston 9.1 km
$78.00 from $39.00
50% discount_off
Eyelash Lift & Tint ($35) + Brow Shape & Tint ($59), or Keratin Lash Lift Package ($69) at Stunning Lashes and Brows
Eyelash Lift and Tint
Glen Huntly 11.0 km
$65.00 from $35.00
46% discount_off
$69 for a Full Set of 3D Volume Eyelash Extensions at The Concept Hair and Beauty Parlour (Up to $120 Value)
3D Volume Eyelash Extensions
Bundoora 15.6 km
$120.00 $69.00
42% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Classic ($49), Glamour ($69), Hybrid ($79) or Russian Volume ($89) at Ibrow and Lashes
Classic Eyelash Extensions
Melbourne 3.0 km
$139.00 from $49.00
64% discount_off
Natural Volume Eyelash Extensions ($49) + Eyebrow Wax ($55) at Zen Beauty Spa and Massage (Up to $125 Value)
Natural Volume Eyelash Extensions
Cheltenham 19.8 km
$110.00 from $49.00
55% discount_off
Set of Eyelash Extensions by Professional: Classic Natural ($39), Glamour ($59), 3D Natural or Hybrid Set ($69)
Set of Eyelash Extensions
Richmond 3.1 km
$79.00 from $49.00
37% discount_off
$99 for Full Set of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions at Bamboo Fingers (Up to $220 Value)
Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
North Balwyn 10.7 km
$220.00 $99.00
55% discount_off
Natural ($39) or Full Set of Classic Eyelash Extensions ($49) at Bella Foxx Studio (Up to $109 Value)
Natural Set of Eyelash Extensions
Box Hill 14.0 km
$79.00 from $39.00
50% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Natural ($39) + Infills ($59), or Hybrid Set ($59) + Infills ($89) at Prolong Lash Training Centre
Natural Eyelash Extensions
Moonee Ponds 6.5 km
$140.00 from $39.00
72% discount_off
$35 for Full Set of Mink-Effect Eyelash Extensions at MiuK Eyelash Extension Specialist (Up to $90 Value)
Natural Eyelash Extensions
Melbourne 4.9 km
$90.00 $35.00
61% discount_off
Full Set of Natural Eyelash Extensions: Silk ($39) or Mink-Effect ($59) at Anumi Spa (Up to $130 Value)
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions
Anumi Spa 8.4 km
$100.00 from $39.00
61% discount_off

Melbourne eyelash extension deals: things to know before you go

If you're looking for cheap eyelash extensions in Melbourne to enhance your style and give your complexion that extra pop, find out more with our answers to the most frequently asked questions around lashes.

Where can I get cheap eyelash extensions?

Whether you dream of having lush long eyelashes or want to minimise the time you spend on your beauty regime, Melbourne's beauty salons and spas are filled with eyelash extension deals. To save you the trouble of browsing through them all, we've compiled a list of our favourite deals to allow you to book sooner:

  • Ain Beauty: Located right in the heart of Melbourne, add volume to your lashes with deals on silk and mink-effect eyelash extensions.
  • Crescent Beauty Salon: Another salon in the city centre, grab a full set of faux mink eyelashes for half the price.
  • Beauty Fairy: Situated right beside the Town Hall, this salon is perfect for popping in after work for either silk or faux mink natural-effect eyelash extensions.
  • Holy Lashes: With multiple locations across the city, treat yourself to an eyelash lift and tint at one of the best salon chains around.

Do eyelash extensions last?

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, but eyelash extensions will last long enough to give your look a new flair for some time.

Eyelash extensions are attached with glue to your natural lashes. Your eyelashes go through a cycle of growth before falling out, giving you around six weeks before your lash extensions fall out naturally.

However, you may find that you need to go back to the salon every three to four weeks to have your lashes filled, as breakages can happen and it helps to keep your look as fresh as possible.

Maintaining your eyelash extensions more regularly can also save you money, as infills are cheaper than full sets of lashes. However, it's important to avoid oil-based products and make-up remover, as this can cause the glue to break down and your eyelash extensions to fall out prematurely.

Luckily, in Melbourne there are a range of beauty salons providing deals on eyelash extensions, helping keep your glamorous look maintained easily.

Are lash extensions worth it?

If you want long, fluttery eyelashes without the hassle of applying false lashes, then yes, eyelash extensions are worth it. They'll give you selfie-ready eyes from the moment you wake up, without worrying about applying mascara. However, eyelash extensions are high maintenance and costly.

There are three different types of eyelash extensions available; synthetic, silk and mink. Mink is the most expensive extension type, but you can opt for faux mink, which is cheaper.

Allergic reactions are always a minor risk when it comes to beauty treatments and eyelash extensions are no exception. Speak to your beautician before you start if you have any questions or concerns.

Can I go swimming with eyelash extensions?

For the first 24 hours after eyelash extension treatment, you should avoid them coming into contact with water. This is because water can cause the glue to break down, so allow at least a day for the glue to set.

Oil-based facial creams and make-up products should be avoided too, as they can cause the glue to fail.

So, if you're considering booking that pampering spa day or going for a dip in the sea, it's a good idea to wait until after your lashes set.