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Hair Removal in Melbourne

Discover great Hair Removal deals near you


Body hair can be a real pain – popping up uninvited in those areas you really want to remain fuzz-free. Whether it’s on your face, arms or ruining your bikini line and the chance to get out on St Kilda Beach, don’t you just wish you could banish body hair forever? Well, browse and book hair removal deals and vouchers in Melbourne and you’ll be well on the way to getting rid of unwanted body hair.

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6 Sessions of Laser Hair Removal: 2 Large ($189) + 2 Small Areas ($229), or 4 Large Areas ($378) at Beauty By Mela
6 Sessions of Laser Hair Removal
Ascot Vale 6.0 km
$570.00 from $189.00
66% discount_off
Brazilian, or Half-Leg and Underarm Wax: One ($29), Two ($55) or Three Sessions ($80) at Lashmatic (Up to $225 Value)
Brazilian or Half-Leg Wax
Abbotsford 2.8 km
$75.00 from $29.00
61% discount_off
6 Laser Hair Removal Sessions: Underarms ($54) or $150 to Add Brazilian at Revita Medical and Skin Clinic (Up to $354)
6 Laser Hair Removal Sessions
Cheltenham 18.8 km
$180.00 from $54.00
70% discount_off
Six Laser Hair Removal Sessions on Two ($189), Three ($229) or Four Areas ($269) at Spa Nirvana (Up to $2,682 Value)
Six Laser Hair Removal Sessions
Airport west 12.2 km
$1,254.00 from $189.00
84% discount_off
One Session of Laser Hair Removal on Small ($19) or Large Area ($49) at O'Laze Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic
One Session of Laser Hair Removal
East Keilor 11.3 km
$49.00 from $19.00
61% discount_off
Brazilian Wax with Eyebrow Shape (Thread or Wax): 1 ($35), 2 ($69) or 3 Sessions ($100), Ibrow and Lashes (Up to $225)
Brazilian Wax + Brow Shape (Thread or Wax)
Melbourne 3.0 km
$75.00 from $35.00
53% discount_off
One ($35) or Two Sessions of Full Brazilian + Eyebrow Wax ($69) at Itty Bitty Beauty Room (Up to $126 Value)
Full Brazilian + Eyebrow Wax
South Yarra 3.9 km
$63.00 from $35.00
44% discount_off
Laser Hair Removal Sessions: 2 on 2 Areas ($139), 6 on 4 Areas ($189) or 6 on 6 Areas ($209) at Bamboo Fingers
Laser Hair Removal
North Balwyn 10.7 km
$408.00 from $139.00
65% discount_off
4 Sessions of Fotona Laser Hair Removal: 2 ($79), 4 ($99) or 6 Areas ($119) at Glow Skin and Laser Clinic (Up to $1,920)
Fotona Laser Hair Removal
Epping 20.3 km
$680.00 from $79.00
88% discount_off
$25 for a Women's Brazilian Wax at Golden Nails Beauty (Up to $40 Value)
Women's Brazilian Wax
Glenroy 12.9 km
$40.00 $25.00
37% discount_off
$29 for Brazilian Waxing at Looks Beauty Clinic (Up to $120 Value)
Brazilian Waxing
Elsternwick 8.8 km
$120.00 $29.00
75% discount_off
Brow Tint with Brow & LIp Thread ($15) or with Full-Face Thread ($20) at Glisten Hair & Beauty Secrets (Up to $43 Value)
Brow & Lip Thread + Brow Tint
Cranbourne North 43.3 km
$31.00 from $15.00
51% discount_off
Laser Hair Removal: 4 Visits - 2 ($99), 3 ($169) or 6 Areas ($199), or 6 Visits - 6 Areas ($279) at Tropika Laser & Skin
Four Laser Hair Removal Sessions
Richmond 2.7 km
$440.00 from $99.00
77% discount_off
Lowe Leg and Bikini Line Wax ($19), or Brazilian Wax ($25) at Golden Nails Beauty (Up to $40 Value)
Lowe Leg and Bikini Line Wax
Glenroy 12.9 km
$35.00 from $19.00
45% discount_off
5 IPL Laser Hair Removal Sessions on 2 ($99) or 4 ($149) Areas at Mystic Beauty & Laser Clinic (Up to $1,045 Value)
Five IPL Laser Hair Removal
Elsternwick 8.3 km
$845.00 from $129.00
84% discount_off
Brazilian ($25) or Full-Leg Wax ($29), or Both ($49) at Madame Beauty Bar (Up to $101 Value)
Brazilian Wax
South Melbourne 2.3 km
$51.00 from $25.00
50% discount_off
1 ($29) or 2 Sessions of Brazilian Wax ($55), or 1 ($39) or 2 with Underarms Wax ($75) at Skindulge Medi Spa
Brazilian Wax
Melbourne 8.5 km
$55.00 from $29.00
47% discount_off
Laser Hair Removal: 4 Sessions on 2 Areas ($79) or 6 Sessions on 6 Areas ($149) at North Pearl Aesthetic Laser Clinic
4 Laser Hair Removal Sessions
Moonee Ponds 6.5 km
$780.00 from $79.00
30+ bought
89% discount_off
Six Sessions of Laser Hair Removal: 2 ($249) or 4 Areas ($359) at La Belle Beauty and Laser Clinic (Up to $1,669 Value)
Six Sessions of Laser Hair Removal
Melbourne 0.2 km
$962.00 from $249.00
74% discount_off
$19 for Women's Bikini Line with Lower Leg Wax, $25 for Brazilian Wax at Cleopatra Hair & Beauty (Up to $50 Value)
Bikini Line with Lower Leg Wax
Broadmeadows 15.3 km
$45.00 from $19.00
57% discount_off
$29 for Underarm and Brazilian Wax at The Concept Hair and Beauty Parlour (Up to $55 Value)
Underarm and Brazilian Wax
Bundoora 15.6 km
$55.00 $29.00
47% discount_off
Brazilian Wax: One ($21), Three ($58) or Five Sessions ($96) at Kynk Hair And Beauty (Up to $250 Value)
Brazilian Wax
Melbourne 16.7 km
$50.00 from $21.00
58% discount_off
Laser Hair Removal on Two ($99), Three ($129) or Four Areas ($149) at Medical Laser and IPL Clinic (Up to $2,400 Value)
StarLux Laser Hair Removal
Northcote 5.3 km
$1,200.00 from $99.00
1,000+ bought
91% discount_off
6 Sessions of Laser Hair Removal on 2 ($189), 3 ($229) or 4 Areas ($269) at Nails On 7 (Up to $2,132 Value)
6 Sessions of Laser Hair Removal
Docklands 1.3 km
$1,246.00 from $189.00
84% discount_off
Men's Wax: Eyebrows ($19), Manzilian ($29), Full Back ($35) or Chest & Stomach ($35) at The Original House of Wax
Men's Eyebrow Wax and Shape
Melbourne 13.4 km
$30.00 from $19.00
36% discount_off
Brazilian ($25) or Bikini Line and Lower Legs Wax ($29) at Stunning Nails (Up to $59 Value)
Bikini Line and Lower Legs Wax
Stunning Nails 10.8 km
$50.00 from $25.00
50% discount_off
Brazilian Wax: One ($25) or Three Sessions ($59) at Glisten Hair & Beauty Secrets (Up to $120 Value)
Brazilian Wax
Cranbourne North 43.3 km
$40.00 from $25.00
37% discount_off

Cheap Melbourne laser hair removal: things to know before you go

If you've not experienced laser hair removal before then you probably have a few questions. We can help and provide peace of mind, helping you find the best laser hair removal deals in Melbourne.

Is laser hair removal safe?

If you're a total newbie to laser hair removal, this is probably your first question – and with good reason. The prospect of someone waving a laser beam around to remove body hair can be slightly concerning.

Thankfully it's not really like that – laser hair removal is a professional and safe procedure. When you book a laser hair removal treatment, you'll be in the safe hands of an expert. As a precaution, many practitioners will conduct a patch test on a small area of skin first to check the reaction, and there is usually a consultation period too.

Laser hair removal isn't painful for most people, beyond a mild discomfort (still preferable to plucking or waxing). You might experience a bit of redness or irritation as a reaction to the treatment, but this usually passes quickly.

Laser hair removal isn't recommended if you're pregnant or breastfeeding. Plus, if you've recently had a spray tan or too much exposure to sun, take advice first.

You can read more about the procedure in our guide to laser hair removal.

How much is laser hair removal in Melbourne?

The cost of laser hair removal in Melbourne varies depending on where and what you are having done. A quick zap of hairs on your chin won't cost much for a single session, but a series of laser hair removal sessions on large body areas will be more expensive.

That said, you can still get laser hair removal deals that will help to reduce this cost, especially across multiple sessions, leaving you spending as little as under $100. Giving the reduction in shaving and waxing, this can be worth it for giving you a super-smooth bod. Take a look at some of the available offers and discounts to find a choice of affordable deals.

What is the best type of laser hair removal?

There's more than one kind of laser hair removal device, but rather than the best overall type, it's more about the best one for your skin. That's right – different lasers suit different skin types. Find out more here about the best types of laser hair removal devices.

In short, the best devices for different skin types are generally:

  • Nd:YAG for dark skin.
  • Alexandrite for olive skin.
  • Diode for fair to medium dark skin.
  • Ruby for very fair skin.

If you're interested in laser hair removal, it's worth browsing offers for IPL hair removal. IPL – which stands for Intense Pulsed Light – is an alternative to laser hair removal, though the procedure and results are similar.

How many laser hair removal sessions will I need?

The more treatments you have, the more effective laser hair removal will be. Hair is persistent and will keep growing back over time. Laser hair removal targets the root and inhibits growth, so a series of regular sessions should achieve good results and last a few months.

For the best results, three to seven sessions are generally required – after that, appointments every six to twelve months should help you keep on top of it.

Take a look at our laser hair removal deals in Melbourne to find one near you and book a series of sessions to eliminate that unwanted hair today. If you're not sure laser treatment is for you, check out the selection of waxing deals instead.