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Facial in Sydney

Discover great Facial deals near you


Life in the big city can be tough on our skin and our minds. Get scrubbed, plumped and revitalised with a facial in Sydney. Arrange a classic treatment and pampering before a special event to look your best, or organise something fancier and clinical like microdermabrasion. Find facial deals near you – from facial peels to light therapy, get ready to face some true relaxation.

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Facial: 30-Minute Express ($15) or 60-Minute Deluxe Treatment ($29) at Candy Tang Beauty Center (Up to $65 Value)
30-Minute Express Facial
Sydney 1.3 km
$30.00 from $15.00
50% discount_off
Facial Treatments of Choice - One ($29), Two ($49) or Three Visits ($69) at Millennium Clinic, CBD (Up to $360 Value)
Choice of Facial
Millennium Clinic 0.5 km
$120.00 from $29.00
75% discount_off
Signature Facial ($39) + Pamper Package A ($59) and Pamper Package B ($99) at Embrow Beauty
Signature Facial
Multiple Locations 0.9 km
$88.00 from $39.00
55% discount_off
$49 for a One-Hour Facial with LED Therapy or Microdermabrasion at Silk Beauty Clinic (Up to $220 Value)
1-Hr Facial with LED Therapy or Micro
Silk Beauty Clinic 5.2 km
$220.00 $49.00
77% discount_off
Microdermabrasion + Facial: 1 ($29), 2 ($55) or 3 Sessions ($84) at Tranquility Skin And Body Care (Up to $225 Value)
Microdermabrasion and Mini Facial
Emu Plains
$75.00 from $29.00
61% discount_off
45-Min Facial & Microderm Pkg ($39) + Peel ($69) or Skin Needling ($119) at Refine Cosmetic Clinic (Up to $749 Value)
45-Min Facial & Microderm Package
Refine Cosmetic Clinic 4.7 km
$99.00 from $39.00
60% discount_off
Microdermabrasion - One ($29) Two ($49) or Three Sessions ($69) at Juvenex Aesthetics (Up to $294 Value)
Bondi Junction 4.5 km
$98.00 from $29.00
70% discount_off
Hydradermabrasion Facial: One ($49), Two ($90) or Three Sessions ($126) at Å Tone Body Skin (Up to $450 Value)
Hydradermabrasion Facial
Gladesville 8.7 km
$150.00 from $49.00
67% discount_off
One-Hour Microdermabrasion Facial: One ($29), Two ($49) or Thee Visits ($69) at Kikay Beauty Services (Up to $180 Value)
One-Hour Microdermabrasion Facial
Blacktown 29.8 km
$60.00 from $29.00
51% discount_off
Hydrafacial: One ($42), Two ($82) or Three Sessions ($122) at Deluxe Beauty Lab (Up to $540 Value)
Kogarah 12.9 km
$180.00 from $42.00
76% discount_off
2 Omnilux Facial Treatments ($59) + Hydrating Mask ($69) at YourSkin Clinic Laser & Cosmetic Medicine (Up to $198 Value)
Omnilux Facial Treatment
Edgecliff 2.9 km
$158.00 from $59.00
70+ bought
62% discount_off
75-Minute Facial with Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage for One ($49) or Two People ($89) at 89 Beauty Centre (Up to $248)
75-Minute Pamper Package
Eastwood 14.5 km
$124.00 from $49.00
60% discount_off
Diamond Microdermabrasion with Peel : 1 ($29) or 3 Sessions ($59) at Rina's Laser and Beauty Clinic (Up to $450 Value)
Diamond Microdermabrasion + Peel
Rina's Laser and Beauty Clinic 22.4 km
$150.00 from $29.00
80% discount_off
Microdermabrasion ($29) with Facial and Vitamin C ($39), or with Collagen ($59) at Skin Culture (Up to $170 Value)
Diamond Microdermabrasion
Burwood 9.5 km
$70.00 from $29.00
58% discount_off
Facial Pamper Package: Up to 60 ($49) or 90 Minutes ($59) at Nefertiti Spa (Up to $550 Value)
Up to 60-Minute Facial Pamper Pkg
St Leonards 4.9 km
$450.00 from $49.00
89% discount_off
Microdermabrasion + Facial: 1 ($39), 3 ($109) or 5 Sessions ($179) at North Ryde Beauty and Spa Centre (From $100 Value)
Microdermabrasion With Facial
Ryde 12.6 km
$100.00 from $39.00
61% discount_off
One-Hour Facial ($39) or $45 to Add Microdermabrasion at Ragdoll Hair and Beauty (Up to $145 Value)
One-Hour Facial
Parramatta 20.0 km
$110.00 from $39.00
64% discount_off
30-Minute ($19) or 60-Minute Facial ($39) with LED Light Therapy ($49) at Elizabeth Beauty and Laser (Up to $160 Value)
30-Minute Facial
St Johns Park 29.1 km
$45.00 from $19.00
57% discount_off
Microdermabrasion + Chemical Peel: One ($49), Two ($89) or Three Sessions ($125) at The Skin Project (Up to $447 Value)
Microdermabrasion + Peel
North Sydney 4.1 km
$149.00 from $49.00
100+ bought
67% discount_off
Glycolic Peel or Facial Pamper Package at Laser Sydney
Glycolic Peel
Carness Hill 34.3 km
$80.00 from $35.00
56% discount_off
Microdermabrasion Facial - One ($29), Two ($49) or Three Visits ($69) at Millennium Clinic (Up to $297 Value)
Microdermabrasion Facial
Millennium Clinic 0.5 km
$99.00 from $29.00
70% discount_off
60-Minute ($59), 80-Minute ($75) or 100-Minute ($89) CACI Facial Treatment at Oriental Spa (Up to $199 Value)
CACI Facial Treatment
Sydney 8.2 km
$139.00 from $59.00
57% discount_off
Microdermabrasion - One ($29) Two ($49) or Three Sessions ($69) at Deluxe Beauty Lab (Up to $360 Value)
Kogarah 12.9 km
$120.00 from $29.00
75% discount_off
Dermapen 4 Skin Needling: One ($99) or Two Sessions ($169) at Star Medispa - CBD (Up to $500 Value)
Dermapen 4 Skin Needling
Sydney 0.2 km
$250.00 from $99.00
60% discount_off
One ($42), Two ($82) or Three Sessions ($122) of Hydrafacial at Juvenex Aesthetics (Up to $594 Value)
Hydrafacial Treatment
Bondi Junction 4.5 km
$198.00 from $42.00
78% discount_off
$59 for Micro-Hydrabrasion with Oxygen Infusion or $69 with Eyebrow Shape at Crystalised Skin Therapy (Up to $168 Value)
Facial Pamper Package
Crystalised Skin Therapy 8.4 km
$150.00 from $59.00
60% discount_off
Deluxe Facial Package ($49) + Photorejuvenation ($89) at Dermlab (Up to $460 Value)
Deluxe Facial Package
Sydney 0.3 km
$220.00 from $49.00
77% discount_off

Sydney facial offers: things to know before you go

You've probably got a lot of questions before booking a facial in Sydney. Whatever deals have piqued your interest, we've answered your top queries here.

What are the benefits of a facial treatment?

Facials are often an underrated beauty treatment. They aren't just an indulgent treat, they provide countless benefits when it comes to mind, body and soul.

  • A younger you. Facials can help boost collagen, which is a protein that makes your skin look fresh and youthful. They can help tighten your skin with all the enriching treatments too, helping you say hello to a younger looking you.
  • Pore-off. Our faces bare the brunt of bad weather, pollution and all sorts of damage. This can clog your precious pores, leading to dull skin. Book a facial deal in Sydney to cleanse your pores and watch your skin clear up in no time.
  • Skin deep. Facials help with skin conditions like acne, sun damage, wrinkles and more. Regular facials will help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the problems associated with them.
  • More than a pretty face. Facials go deeper than the surface level, with a range of benefits for your mental health. They can reduce stress levels, relieve tension, stimulate collagen and blood circulation, which benefits the entire body.

What facial treatments are available in Sydney?

City life can be tough on skin – maybe It's time you gave your face a treat. Here are a few different types of facial treatments for you to indulge in, without splashing the cash.

  • Microdermabrasion: A popular treatment for city dwellers, this technique sands off the top layer of skin, leaving you with a fresh and rejuvenated face. It's a gentle treatment, ideal for reducing sun damage, lines and other skin conditions – the perfect pre-party treatment.
  • Classic facials. Ideal if you want some relaxing pampering before a special occasion. This facial leaves you cleansed and exfoliated, as well as feeling relaxed from a gentle head and neck massage.
  • Light therapy. Perfect for a rejuvenating skin boost. Choose your light colour depending on what your skin requires. Amber stimulates collagen, red promotes circulation, blue kills bacteria and white gets deep into your pores.

How often should I have a facial treatment?

Skincare experts say you should have a facial every two to three weeks. Having a facial on a regular basis captures your skin development as it moves through its cycle of cell growth, and boosts the process, giving you clearer skin for longer. If you're prone to skin conditions, or struggle with acne, having regular facials can help clear up any redness.

What's the cheapest type of facial?

Facials can be pricey, especially if you're following expert advice and booking on a regular basis. If you're looking for cheap facials in Sydney, then you're in luck with our revitalising deals. The price of your facial depends on the exact type of treatment needed for your skin – clinical facials like chemical peels and microdermabrasion are often more expensive, whereas basic facials that involve a gentle scrub and moisturising could cost just $35. They'll be even less if you snap up a skin care voucher with Groupon.