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Massage deals in Sydney: things to know before you go

Before you go daydreaming about your next relaxing massage, read our answers to everything you need to know before you go and get the inside scoop.

What's good about a massage in Sydney?

Massages go back to ancient times, and their benefits have been studied for centuries. Known all around the world for their relaxing qualities, massages are some of the most therapeutic treatments out there. Don't believe us? Here are just some of the benefits you can discover on the massage table:

  • Healing powers. Massages can decrease pain, anxiety and stress, helping to banish insomnia, lower high blood pressure and support recovery from tissue injuries.
  • Deep relaxation. The most obvious benefit to a massage is the calmness you'll feel both during and after the treatment. The scientific reason behind this is that massages increase endorphins, which make you feel good. This can lead to all sorts of great results, such as helping to lower depression and improve circulation.
  • Immune boost. If you're feeling a little run down, then a massage will help. Massages not only lower cortisol levels, but they have been proven to increase white blood cells, which helps fight disease. So, you can prevent a cold while relaxing - double whammy.

What is a Swedish massage?

If you're looking for a massage but don't know where to start, then a Swedish massage is your safest option as the most popular choice.

It's a fuss-free treatment made to relax the entire body by using long oily strokes, gentle movement on your joints and light taps.

The strokes run in the same direction as blood flowing to your heart which helps to flush out toxins, improve circulation, ease muscle tension and banish cortisol, which is the pesky hormone that causes stress.

We recommend heading to Bliss Beauty Massage or Rejuvenate Now for a top-rated Swedish massage in the city.

What is remedial massage therapy?

Before you book your massage treatment, it's important to know the difference between remedial and relaxation.

Remedial massage therapy is mainly used as a way to treat injuries and chronic pain, so deep tissue work is often a big part of the massage. This also involves repairing damaged, knotted or immobile parts of the body by finding the trigger and tackling the symptoms of the pain. Remedial massages are often used for sporting injuries, arthritis, cramp and whiplash.

If you're unsure whether a remedial massage would be beneficial for you, speak to the masseuse beforehand.

What is a Thai style massage?

Thai massage goes back 2,500 years and involves techniques drawn from India, China and Southeast Asia rolled into one, as well as yoga poses and acupressure points.

Most traditional Thai massages are carried out fully clothed and the masseuse will apply pressure across your whole body to block and release blood flow. They'll also move you into a range of different positions as part of the treatment. It's almost like a form of assisted yoga.

If you're looking for an affordable Thai massage in Sydney, Sydney Thai Therapy and Siam Princess Thai Massage Therapy are both top-rated by our customers. Expect to feel energised and relaxed at the same time, as well as pain free in areas that have been causing you trouble.

Still not sure the difference between a Swedish massage and a hot stone treatment? Check out our guide to the most common massage types.