Fat Cavitation or Radio Frequency - 3 ($89), 5 ($139) or 10 Sessions ($249) at Hair Free Care Free (Up to $1,000 Value)

Hair Free Care Free

Fat cavitation targets stubborn fat areas and aims to reduce fat cells, while radio frequency sessions aim to tighten skin

$300 $89

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Liposonix® Body Sculpting Therapy - One ($99) or Three Sessions ($289) at Suzy's Massage and Health (Up to $750 Value)

Suzys Massage And Health
Doncaster East

Help to rid your body of unwanted lumps and bumps with high-intensity and focused ultrasound technology; target your tummy or waistline

$250 $99

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Fat Cavitation Treatment - One ($25), Two ($45) or Four Sessions ($85) at Acoustic Wave Therapy (Up to $560 Value)

Acoustic Wave Therapy
The Red Door Salon

Aims to reduce fat and cellulite while toning and rejuventating skin with the Cellactor Acoustic Wave machine that uses shockwave technology

$140 $25

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Fat Cavitation Three ($89) Five ($139) or Ten Sessions ($259) at Beauty Nirvana, Camberwell (Up to $1,150 Value)

Beauty Nirvana

Re-shape your body with equipment that Beauty Nirvana guarantees will help you lose weight and keep it off

$345 $89

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Fat Cavitation - Two ($89), Four ($139), or Six Sessions ($249) at My Beauty First, Reservoir (Up to $1,200 Value)

My Beauty First

Treat areas of excess fat with 30-minute session designed to flush out fluids and toxins, leaving your body feeling lighter and healthier

$360 $89

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Regen Pro Fat Reduction Therapy - Three ($89) or Five Sessions ($139) at Beautrim Spa (Up to $900 Value)

Beautrim Spa Beauty Centre

Focus on your body’s stubborn parts with three sessions of fat reduction therapy using tri-polar radio frequencies; upgrade for 5 sessions

$540 $89

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Fat Cavitation - Two ($69), Four ($135) or Eight Sessions ($269) at Watergardens Wellness Centre (Up to $1,600 Value)

Watergardens Wellness Centre
Taylors Lakes

Painless and non-surgical treatment aims to reduce fat with ultrasonic waves on specific areas such as the love handles or arms

$400 $69

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Fat Cavitation - Three ($89) or Five Sessions ($139) at TCM Clinic, Docklands (Up to $745 Value)

TCM Clinic - Docklands

Designed to break down fat cells, fat cavitation may also firm the skin and reduce cellulite; each session takes just 30 minutes

$447 $89

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$89 for a Non-Invasive Face or Neck Lift Treatment at Melbourne Fat and Cellulite Reduction Clinic (Up to $400 Value)

Melbourne Fat and Cellulite Reduction Clinic

A face and neck lift is the ultimate weapon to use against Father Time; designed to leave you looking and feeling more youthful

$200 $89

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Fat Cavitation/Radio Frequency - One ($39) or Five Visits ($139) at Rejuvenate Laser and Skin Clinic (Up to $400 Value)

Rejuvenate Laser and Skin Clinic.
Dermal & Laser Clinic

If cellulite is the monkey you just can’t get off your back, but you’re wary of surgery, give the monkey the buck with a fat cavitation sesh

$89 $39

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Fat Reduction on Two Areas - Two ($99) or Four Sessions ($149) at Zahara Skin and Body, Hawthorn (Up to $900 Value)

Zahara Skin and Body

Around 500 calories are released and metabolised by the body in order to eliminate fat from your target area; lose up to 8cm per session

$450 $99

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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening: One ($49), Two ($79) or Three Sessions ($99) at Go Bella Beauty (Up to $450 Value)

Go Bella Beauty

Receive up to three sessions of this advanced ultrasonic radio frequency treatment, designed to help revitalise and tighten the skin

$150 $49

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Up to Five Sessions of IPL Facial Treatment at Hair Free Care Free (From $179 Value)

Hair Free Care Free

This intense pulsed light treatment aims to reduce the visibility of scars, age spots and redness; no post-procedure recovery time

$179 $29

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Fat Cavitation or Radio Frequency - One ($39) or Three Sessions ($89) at Oriental Beauty Code (Up to $300 Value)

Oriental Beauty Code

This non-invasive treatment aims to reshape the body by reducing cellulite and fatty deposits in a range of areas like the arms and thighs

$100 $39

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