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Eyelash Extensions in Brisbane

Discover great Eyelash Extensions deals near you


Are you unhappy with the look of your lashes? Maybe you have a big event coming up or you’re just tired of applying several coats of mascara for an evening out. Eyelash extensions could offer the perfect solution. Salons across the city have experienced technicians providing this treatment at a great price. Make the most of our eyelash extension deals in Brisbane, whether you’re in Spring Hill or Fortitude Valley – book a convenient appointment today.

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Classic ($39) or Full Set of Eyelash Extensions ($49) at Japanese Beauty Salon by ’Upa (Up to $119 Value)
Classic Eyelash Extensions
South Port
$99.00 from $39.00
60% discount_off
$59 for Eyelash Extensions at Halo Of Mooloolaba Hair & Beauty (Up to $120 Value)
Eyelash Extensions
$120.00 $59.00
50% discount_off
$49 for Classic Eyelash Extensions at Skin Management Club (Up to $120 Value)
Classic Eyelash Extensions
Eatons Hill 16.0 km
$120.00 $49.00
59% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: 100-120 ($39), 140-160 ($49) or 320-360 Lashes ($69) at Sistar Nail & Hair (Up to $129 Value)
Natural-Effect Lash Extensions
$69.00 from $39.00
43% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Classic ($39), Hybrid ($49) or Russian Volume ($59) at Skinology (Up to $120 Value)
Classic Eyelash Extensions
Springwood 19.6 km
$80.00 from $39.00
51% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Standard ($29), Glamour ($39) or Dramatic Set ($49) at Ifune Pretty (Up to $120 Value)
Eyelash Extensions: Standard Set
Runcorn 14.9 km
$70.00 from $29.00
58% discount_off
Lash Extensions: Classic ($39) or 3D Volume ($59) at Lush Cosmetic Skin Clinic (Up to $120 Value)
Classic Lash Extensions
Beenleigh 32.6 km
$80.00 from $39.00
70+ bought
51% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions - Classic ($39) or Volume ($49) at Sai Hair Nails And Beauty (Up to $95 Value)
Classic Set of Eyelash Extensions
$85.00 from $39.00
54% discount_off
Individual Eyelash Extensions - Standard ($39), Glamour ($49) or Dramatic ($59) at The Diamond Room (Up to $160 Value)
Individual Eyelash Extensions
Wynnum 14.6 km
$100.00 from $39.00
61% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Classic ($39), 4D Volume ($49) or Mega Volume ($69) at Stella Hair (Up to $110 Value)
Classic Eyelash Extensions
East Brisbane
$75.00 from $39.00
48% discount_off
$39 for a Full Set of Lash Extensions or $49 with Eyebrow Threading and Tint at Sunshine Hair Studio (Up to $107 Value)
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions
Sunshine Hair Studio
$80.00 from $39.00
51% discount_off
Eyelash Lift ($29), Eyelash Extensions ($39) with One Infill ($69) at Doe Eyelashes (Up to $125 Value)
Eyelash Lift
$65.00 from $29.00
55% discount_off
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions ($39) + Infill Session ($69) at Doe Eyelashes (Up to $135 Value)
Full Set of Eyelash Extensions
$75.00 from $39.00
48% discount_off
$35 Full Set of Silk Eyelash Extensions, or $59 with a Gel Manicure at Aviva Beauty, Merrimac (Up to $120 Value)
Set of Silk Eyelash Extensions
Aviva Beauty
$70.00 from $35.00
50% discount_off
Eyelash Extensions: Classic ($39) or 3D ($59) at Grace Beauty and Massage (Up to $99 Value)
Classic Eyelash Extensions
Gold Coast
$79.00 from $39.00
50% discount_off
Set of Eyelash Extensions: Natural ($35) or Hybrid ($45) at Śirena Beaute (Up to $70 Value)
Natural Eyelash Extensions
Calamvale QLD 17.0 km
$60.00 from $35.00
41% discount_off
Lash Extensions: Natural ($39), Deluxe ($49) or Hybrid Set ($55); Facial & Lash Pkg ($65) at Blackmilk Brows and Lashes
Natural Set of Eyelash Extensions
Mansfield 10.7 km
$45.00 from $29.00
1 bought
35% discount_off
Eyelash Lift ($29) + Tint ($39) at Doe Eyelashes (Up to $75 Value)
Eyelash Lift
$60.00 from $29.00
51% discount_off

Brisbane eyelash extension deals: things to know before you go

Eyelash extensions can involve various treatments, as well as include different types of lashes. If you're not sure what's involved when making the most of our offers for eyelash extensions, then we've got you covered with the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Where can I get eyelash extensions in Brisbane?

The Queensland capital is home to many fantastic beauty salons where you can choose all types of eyelash extensions to suit your needs. Here are just a few salons across Brisbane that offer this service:

  • Forall Japan in the CBD. This salon offers a range of Japanese beauty treatments, including 80, 100 or 140-piece lash extensions.
  • Sistar Hair in Woolloongabba. Choose natural lashes or a more glamorous effect, with up to 360 extensions individually applied to your eyes.
  • The Diamond Room in Wynnum. Pick between standard, glamour or dramatic extensions, depending on the effect you prefer.
  • Beauty Hub Australia in Chermside. Get eyelash extensions alongside a range of brow treatments.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

If you take good care of them, eyelash extensions should last up to eight weeks. After this time, they will naturally fall out just like your own lashes do. Speak to your lash technician about regular refill appointments every two or three weeks, to keep your lashes looking their best without the expense of having to buy a full new set.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your eyelash extensions healthy:

  • Ditch the oily make-up remover. Choose micellar water or oil-free remover, as oil can impact the adhesive bonding on your lashes.
  • Keep your lashes clean and don't wear mascara. If you really can't live without it, choose a water-based product.
  • Avoid exposure to steam or heat. Wash your face or go swimming as normal, but experts warn that too much moisture can harm your extensions.
  • Don't rub your eyes or pick at your lashes. Applying pressure to your eyes or removing your extensions yourself can result in damage.

What are the best eyelash extensions?

When it comes to having the best lashes in the city, there are many cheap eyelash extensions on offer in Brisbane. The most popular options include:

  • Silk lashes. These are lightweight, making them ideal if you have fine or weak natural lashes, and provide a soft and comfortable feel.
  • Synthetic lashes. Made from an acrylic material, these extensions are heavier than other varieties, so are more suited to those with thick, natural lashes.
  • Mink lashes. Many salons use faux mink fur, which is soft and silky. Check with your technician if you're concerned about the ethics of your lash extensions.

What should I know before getting eyelash extensions?

Before booking your first appointment for eyelash extensions in Brisbane, you'll need to consider a few things. Getting eyelash extensions isn't just a one-off appointment, so here are just a few things to remember:

  • Time. Eyelash extension appointments can take up to two hours, and you'll need to take special care of your eyes over the following 48 hours.
  • Maintenance. Your salon will likely recommend refill appointments every two to three weeks.
  • Make up. Your new lashes might require a few changes when it comes to your choice of skin care treatments. For example, oil-based products should be avoided.