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Cosmetic Procedures in Gold Coast

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Affordable cosmetic procedures on the Gold Coast: things to know before you go

Undergoing any treatment can be a little nerve racking, so check out these answers to some frequently asked questions before taking advantage of our vouchers for discounted cosmetic procedures on the Gold Coast.

What cosmetic procedures are most popular?

Cosmetic procedures are quite popular on the Gold Coast – with these being among the most common types:

  • Anti-wrinkle injections. Available at Oo La La in Surfers Paradise, injectables contain proteins that soften lines and facial creases on the forehead, lips and chin. Check out our guide to anti-wrinkle injections to find out more about how it works.
  • Dermal fillers. Designed to smooth and plump out the skin, dermal filling treatments include injections for the mouth, eyes and jawline as well as lip fillers. Clinics on the Gold Coast offering this treatment include Simetics Beauty Laser Clinic in Southport.
  • Permanent make up. From flawless winged eye liner, to perfect brows and luscious lips, permanent make up enhances your natural beauty and saves you stacks of time in the mornings. Find it at Cosmetic Tattooing by Aalli near Broadbeach.

Are most cosmetic procedures safe?

Botox is a popular non-surgical treatment for tackling frown lines and wrinkles. It uses botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyse facial muscles, causing wrinkles to soften and giving a smoother and younger-looking appearance.

Most non-invasive cosmetic procedures are pretty safe, but there are some factors you should be aware of. Use this list below as a starting point when making a decision:

  • Make sure you have a consultation and find a specialist you trust.
  • Always let your clinic know about any existing medical conditions before your procedure. Some procedures, such as Botox or lip fill treatments, are not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Ask your clinic about aftercare – are there any products you should avoid? A specialist will be able to advise on the best skin care treatments to use after your cosmetic procedure is complete.

How much is Botox?

At clinics on the Gold Coast, Botox can cost from $300 to $700 but you can get discounts of up to 70% on when you book a deal through Groupon. The overall cost of your treatment will vary, depending on how many units of Botox are required and where it is injected. You may also need to book appointments for a touch-up every few months to keep you face looking youthful.

How long does Botox last?

You should be able to see positive results after your first Botox session – but it'll take around two weeks for the desired effects to unfold.

A single session of Botox can last up to three months, but there are some factors that can affect your results:

  • Types of wrinkles. Deep lines are more resistant to the effects of Botox, and some may require additional dermal fillers before they are fully smoothed.
  • Age. Older patients may find the effects of Botox wear off faster, due to the lower levels of elasticity and collagen in their skin.
  • Affected area. The effects of Botox tend to last longer when the chemical has been injected into smaller areas – for example, the effects on crow's feet will likely last longer than those on your forehead.
  • Metabolism. If you're an active person with a naturally quick metabolism, you may find the effects of your treatment wear off more quickly because your body is quicker to heal itself and expel the toxins.

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