Gold Coast Cosmetic Procedures

Laser Lipo Treatments - Two ($89), Six ($239) or Eight ($319) at Hollywood Blow Outs and Medi Spa (Up to $1,134 Value)

Hollywood Blow outs and medi spa

Target stubborn fat cells in areas of the body to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite during a non-invasive procedure

$378 $89

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Tattoo Session for One ($89), Two ($169) or Three Hours ($249) at Altarmania Tattoo & Piercing (Up to $540 Value)

Altarmania Tattoo & Piercing

Come with your own sketch, print or suggestion for the tattooist; safe, hygienic tattoos; registered tattooists and consultation included

$180 $89

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Fat Cavitation - Three ($89) or Six Sessions ($159) at Hollywood Blow Outs and Medi Spa, Broadbeach (Up to $500 Value)

Hollywood Blow outs and medi spa

Slim down without any surgical or invasive procedures by receiving three or six sessions of fat cavitations on the stomach, hips or thighs

$250 $89

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Cryolipolysis - Two ($89), Four ($169) or Ten Sessions ($429) at Miami Kiss International (Up to $2,500 Value)

Miami Kiss International
Miami Kiss International (down Moores Crescent, park under building)

An alternative to liposuction, cryolipolysis can treat up to three areas per session by freezing fat deposits without damage to skin

$500 $89

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections on One ($121), Two ($179) or Three Areas ($229) at Oo La La, Surfers Paradise

Oo La La Cosmetic Skin & Laser Clinic
Surfers Paradise

Designed to relax the muscles and smooth wrinkles, the non-surgical treatment can offer results for up to 4 months on a range of areas


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$189 for Eyebrow Feathering Cosmetic Tattoo at Cosmetic Tattooing by Aalli, Broadbeach (Up to $595 Value)

Cosmetic Tattooing by Aalli

Save time applying makeup by making eyebrows appear fuller and darker with a natural feathering hair stroke technique

$595 $189

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$79 for 20 Units of Anti-Wrinkle Injections at Bald Hills Dental

Bald Hills Dental
Bald Hills

Anti-wrinkle injections are designed to give you a youthful glow by reducing the appearance of fine lines and deeper set wrinkles


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$99 Fat Cavitation Treatment with a One Hour Lymphatic Massage at Golden Skin Clinic, Mermaid Beach (Up to $228 Value)

Golden Skin Clinic
Mermaid Beach

Target stubborn fat on problem areas with radio frequency and ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment; enjoy a one hour lymphatic massage

$228 $99

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In-Chair LED Teeth Whitening Session - One ($39) or Three ($99) at Absolutely Fabulous Clinic (Up to $447 Value)

Absolutely Fabulous Clinic
Absolutely Fabulous Clinic (Broadbeach)

Help to whiten teeth in the same amount of time it takes to watch two episodes of your favourite sitcom

$149 $39

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Venus Freeze: One ($49), Two ($89), Three ($129) or Five ($199) Sessions at ElectroSlim (Up to $500 Value)

Gold Coast

Harnessing the power of multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulses to contour bodies

$100 $49

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Cosmetic Tattoo - Top or Bottom Eyeliner ($149), Eyebrow ($189) or Full Lip ($249) at Beauty Paradise (Up to $800 Value)

Beauty Paradise..
Surfers Paradise

Save time in your morning makeup routine with cosmetic tattooing; spend the extra minutes in bed snoozing your alarm for the hundredth time

$600 $189

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Cosmetic Tattooing - Eyeliner ($129), Eyebrows ($199) or Lip Line ($239) at Exhale Body Rejuvenation (Up to $600 Value)

Exhale Body Rejuvenation

Sharpen features and ehance eyes with an eyeliner tattoo; upgrade to fill in sparse brows or correct lips with a lip liner treatment

$420 $129

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Laser Liposuction on Two Areas - Two ($79), Four ($155) or Six Visits ($229) at ChocoLát Beauty (Up to $1,200 Value)

ChocoLát Beauty (services)

Help to tighten and firm areas of the body with non-invasive laser liposuction treatment on two areas; target the stomach, hip, or thigh

$400 $79

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In-Chair Teeth Whitening: 30 ($29) or 60 Minutes ($55) by Summer Elisabeth @ The Phoenician Resort (Up to $95 Value)

Summer Elisabeth @ Harmony Wellbeing Centre
The Phoenician Resort Health Spa

Bring back that confident smile with a teeth-whitening session designed to remove stains; opt for peroxide or non-peroxide treatment

$75 $29

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In-Chair Diamond Teeth Whitening ($29) at See Your Smile (Up to $265 Value)

See Your Smile

Treatment uses diamond technology and a whitening agent designed to brighten smiles without harming enamel or causing tooth sensitivity

$265 $29

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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening - One ($39), Two ($69) or Three Sessions ($99) at Brisbane Beauty Clinic (Up to $897 Value)

Brisbane Beauty Clinic

Undergo one, two or three sessions of this in-chair cosmetic teeth whitening that aims to reduce stains caused by coffee and smoking

$299 $39

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In-Chair Cosmetic Teeth Whitening for One ($25) or Two People ($49) at Miami Kiss International (Up to $245 Value)

Miami Kiss International
Miami Kiss International (down Moores Crescent, park under building)

Fight stains and discolouration caused by smoking, coffee, red wine or hereditary factors and whiten teeth by up to eight shades

$160 $25

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$29 30-Min Natural Teeth Whitening or 30 ($39) or 60-Min $79) Peroxide Whitening at Trueskin tech (Up to $149 Value)

Trueskin tech

Perfect your smile with healthy looking teeth with a chosen treatment designed to whiten teeth stained by smoking, coffee and red wine

$60 $29

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$69 for LED Teeth Whitening at Clearskincare Clinics, 41 Locations (Up to $139 Value)

Clearskincare Clinics
Multiple Locations

Clients can brighten their smiles thanks to a teeth whitening treatment available at a choice of 41 locations

$139 $69

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Laser Lipo - Two ($89), Four ($169), Six Sessions ($239) at Exhale Body Rejuvenation (Up to $1,200 Value)

Exhale Body Rejuvenation

A technician harnesses laser technology, aiming to contour a chosen body areas; includes weight management consultation

$400 $89

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In-Chair Teeth Whitening: 30- ($49), 45- ($59) or 60-Minute ($69) Session at Sassy Smile Bar (Up to $159 Value)

Sassy Smile Bar
Surfers Paradise

Enjoy an up to 60 minute in-chair whitening treatment, designed to eliminate stains and get your pearly whites glowing

$129 $49

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Full-Face Needling: One ($149) or Three Sessions ($399) at XY Skin and Body Specialists Garden City (Up to $1,050 Value)

XY Skin and Body Specialists Garden City
Upper Mount Gravatt

Aesthetician aims to solve skin issues from discoloration and pigmentation to fine lines and blemishes with microneedle treatments

$350 $149

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IPL Skin Photorejuvenation + Vitamin A: One ($49), Two ($89) or Three ($119) Sessions at Bella Mela (Up to $372 Value)

Bella Mela
Bella Mela Laser IPL & Dermal Centre

 Target skin concerns like sun damage pigmentation, sun spots, Rosacea, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles

$124 $49

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SYDNEY: $2,899 for Nu-Lase™ Laser Vision Correction on Both Eyes at Northern Laser Vision Centre

Northern Laser Vision Centre

  • Treat conditions such as short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism
  • Utilises the Surface Laser Ablation technique with a non-heat-generating laser
  • Wavefront mapping provides a customised and objective standardized evaluation of the optics of the eye in order to detect minor aberrations
  • Cornea is not cut during this less-invasive procedure
  • Feel comfortable with anaesthetic eye drops
  • Includes medications, two preoperative consultations and two follow-up checks

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30-Minute In-Chair Teeth Whitening Session ($39) at Youneek Hair & Beauty (Up to $129 Value)

Surfers Paradise

Seek a brighter smile with this 30-minute in-chair whitening treatment, designed to reduce the visibility of stains

$129 $39

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