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The jewel of Southern Australia and what a lot of people consider the true cultural capital, Adelaide sits at the edge of wine country and is one of our country’s most vibrant cities. From its unique arts scene and bustling nightlife, to the rich history and food scene, when looking for things to do in Adelaide you might be feel overwhelmed, but you’ll never need to with Groupon here to help.

#1 Himeji Gardens

Japanese styled gardens

The city centre of Adelaide is pretty much enveloped in greenery, and Himeji Gardens in the south side is where you can catch a little Zen. If you’re looking for a quaint spot and enjoy the picturesque nature of a Japanese style garden, you need to check out its pine trees, lanterns and teahouse.



#2 Mount Lofty

Park with panoramic views

Get out of Adelaide, get your walking boots on and head to majestic Mount Lofty. The stunning views you’ll get of the city’s skyline make the hard hike of the Harford Trail worth it, although you can take the leisurely walking trails from Crafers to Mount Lofty if you want to keep things laidback.



#3 Glenelg Beach

Popular beach side suburb

Just a few miles out of Adelaide city centre, Glenelg Beach is to many locals an immaculately kept beach that is perfect if you want to escape the city without having to go too far (it’s easy to get to by tram). Go for the surf. Stay for the amusements, food and family friendly vibe.



#4 Adelaide Central Market

Historic food market

Adelaide Central Market has a rich history of making sure everyone in Adelaide gets the best produce possible, and for any self-confessed food lover, you won’t want the chance to miss out on the best of the region. Popular with tourists and locals alike, it’s rich history and quirky cafes make it a great hangout spot.



#5 Adelaide Botanic Garden

Large city centre park

When a big city has a beloved park, you need to see it, and Adelaide is no different. Adelaide Botanic Garden has over 125 acres of lush greenery for you to explore when you’ve had enough of shopping around town. It helps too that the Zoo, Palm House and Bicentennial Conservatory are all here, giving you a wide variety of attractions.



#6 South Australian Museum

Natural history museum

The unique and fascinating history of Adelaide is there for you to learn all about at the South Australian Museum. Discover how Adelaide came to be, why its Aboriginal story is so important and see exceptional exhibits curated from all over the country. If you’re a history buff, it needs to be on your list of must see in Adelaide.



#7 National Wine Centre of Australia

Fun filled wine attraction

Adelaide sits just on the cusp of wine country, and the National Wine Centre of Australia is the place to go for any wine lover who wants to know more about what makes this part of the world so good at making it. The exhibits are a fantastic way of learning everything about wine and (of course) you can take a tasting tour too.



#8 ENJOY THE Big Rocking Horse

Toy factory with giant rocking horse

About 12 miles east of Central Adelaide, Big Rocking Horse is a nice place to take the kids (and just so happens to have the world’s biggest rocking chair). The toy factory on site is a unique way of helping kids see how wooden toys are made, and there’s a small animal park where you can get up close with the animals and even feed kangaroos.



#9 Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga

City park with promenade

A lovely park smack bang in the middle of Adelaide, Victoria Square is a spot where most people walk through on their way to Central Market or venture around to do a bit of shopping on Grote St. It’s a great spot to grab a coffee and watch the world go by and will sometimes have unique events like beanbag cinema.



#10 Adelaide Oval

Iconic sports stadium

No trip to Adelaide for any sports lover would be complete without visiting the Adelaide Oval. Nestled nicely in the centre of town, the Oval isn’t just home to cricket and footy. It hosts big rugby games, soccer, tennis and massive concerts from the like of Ed Sheeran and Foo Fighters.



#11 The Beachouse

Family friendly entertainment complex

Just beside Glenelg beach is one of Adelaide’s most fun filled attractions. The Beachouse, open every day, is a waterpark with blaster boats (dodgems on water), mini golf, play castle, historic carousel and so much more. It’s one of the best ways to have an action packed day with going too far.



#12 Adelaide Casino

Casino complex in historic building

In the middle of Adelaide amongst all the hubbub is Adelaide Casino. Originally an old train station, it’s been lovingly converted in to a top nightspot with entertainment throughout the week. It’s also home to top restaurants like the Vietnamese food of Madame Hanoi and burgers at Patty Mac’s.



Get the most out of ADELAIDE with Groupon

Whether you’re here on holiday and don’t want to get FOMO (that’s the fear of missing out) or are a local and have a free day with nothing major planned, you’re probably wondering what you have to do in Adelaide.

With so much going on all year round, you need to get the lowdown on what this amazing city, and the wider area, have waiting for you. With the top 12 attractions we’ve chosen above all having amazing deals, you’ll want to know a little more about how to get about and what to check out when you’re looking for things to do in Adelaide.

Free things to do in Adelaide

It’s incredible how many free things there are do in the city, with museums and beautiful public places right on our doorstep. For any cricket fans going to check out the Oval, The Bradman Collection celebrating the legendary batsman is completely free! (although watch out as it can be busy on match days).

A true oasis in the heart of the city, you should definitely spend a few hours traipsing around the Botanic Gardens. It’s quaint date spot if you’re looking for something romantic to do in Adelaide, especially with the National Wine Centre just tucked away in the south side off Botanic Road.

What can I do in Adelaide this weekend?

Everyone in Adelaide loves to take it easy on the weekend, and so should you. Start the weekend off right with a top class meal by trying to get a seat at some of the best spots around Hutt Street or Hindley Street, although the closer to the Convention Centre you get, the busier restaurants at night tend to be.

Check to see if you’ll be lucky enough to catch a gig at the Thebby (for non-locals, that’s the Thebarton Theatre), or hop around the funkier bars surrounding Peel Street.

And if you consider yourself a real foodie, Central Market is calling! It’s been trading for nearly 150 years and is where you can nosh on fresh seasonal produce or sample a little bit of everything; from the trendy stalls selling donuts to paella to tacos (just know that they don’t open on Sundays or Mondays).

What can I do in Adelaide with kids?

We’re lucky that Adelaide is such a child-friendly city and the kind of place to keep the whole family busy all day long. Obviously, everyone will say that Adelaide Zoo is the place to take children (be sure to check this page for deals on tickets), but you could also get your fill of nature by going to Cleland National Park and Kangaroo Island's Mikkira Station.

If you are looking for somewhere to take kids swimming with plenty of backup activities afterwards, you can do no wrong with Semaphore beach. Not only is the beach great but the Waterslide complex has rides and mini-golf.

Other family friendly attractions in Adelaide include:

  • Glen Forest Tourist Park
  • Adelaide Aquatic Centre
  • Treeclimb
  • Gorge Wildlife Park

Things to do in Rundle Street

If you want a little slice of hipster life in Adelaide, venture towards Rundle Street. From Pulteney Street to East Terrace, you’ll find all sort of enclaves and spots to venture in to at night.

It’s where you’ll find a lot of trendy bars and restaurants, especially if you drift off the main road down the likes of Vardon Avenue and Union Street and experience everything from Schnitzels (at Schnithouse) to Falafel (at East end Yiros).

Essential Travel hacks in Adelaide

No matter where you are in the greater Adelaide area, there’s a good chance you’ll find free Wi-Fi easily. There are over 50 free spots dotted all over; from Angaston to Woomera, where you can get unlimited data for an hour. It’s perfect when you’re out looking for things to do at night in Adelaide and want to make other jealous with your Instagram posts.

And if you love a bargain when dining out, expect to see plenty of cafes and bars do their own happy hour from 4-6pm (especially in the CBD).

What’s the weather like in Adelaide?

Temperatures stay steady pretty much all year around, averaging in the mid-teens (with it being a little lower come June time). If you’re visiting from abroad and are all about the surf, it’s said that February is when conditions to get out in the water are just perfect.

Time of Year

Min. temperature

Max. temperature













How do I get around Adelaide?

The Metro is the main transport system for getting around town; this includes buses, trams and trains. Everyone uses a MetroCard card that you preload to pay fares and is great to have if you’re going to be there for an extended period. If you’re only visiting for a few days, get a MetroCard Visitor Pass. It’s $25 and gets you unlimited travel for 3 days.

There are also some free buses like the City Connector, but it’s only really useful if you’re staying in North Adelaide (the loop goes from the centre to north and back).

Do more in Adelaide with Groupon

We hope you found this guide on what you can get up to in Adelaide to be informative, helpful, and hopefully give you some travel inspiration next time you’re in the area. Just don’t forget that when you have a day free and don’t know what to do, here at Groupon we have great deals to make any day in Adelaide a great one.